Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sneek Peek at Miss Savannah!

Can't wait to hold this baby GIRL!!!
Not to mention kiss those Lips....

Hoping you are ENJOYING every precious BLESSING of yours today!!!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Sending Blessings your way!!!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My little Hugh...

That's what I think of with this robe... but my version is MUCH cuter!!!
Poor guy had to get "stuck" today for labs....2nd set of tubes and adnoidnectomy await us on Friday! He was BRAVE until the "stick" then all tears!!! Lots of LOVE and kisses...and a oreo milkshake made it all better! For both of us!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birthday update!!!

The LONG OVERDUE Birthday update!!! Jackson turned 5 in Feburary and Dane 3 in March... we've had lots to celebrate!
Jackson wanted a "solider" theme as he is VERY INTO ANYTHING ARMY related...tanks, helicopters, planes, camo, etc! So we decided on a BOWLING PARTY (gotta keep the kiddos moving before you give them sugar) and "decked" it out in "SOLIDER" gear!
The Cake was a TANK and we also had cupcakes with "ARMY soliders" on top...think TOY STORY GREEN MEN!
It was a hit...Birthday boy and friends ENJOYED a few rounds of bowling, pizza, and cake!! Hope he remembers his special day!!!

Dane is ALL about MICKEY MOUSE!!! ( probably because it's the only cartoon he watches...and our recnet trip to MICKEY MOUSE HOUSE!) We tried to "venture" outside of the box and decided on a MUSEUM party! It was Lots of fun!!! WE had a private room for lunch, CRAFT TIME, and CAKE...of couse MICKEY MOUSE CAKE!! Then we were able to "EXPLORE" the 3 levels of the CHILDREN's MUSEUM....AGAIN KEEP THEM MOVING= potential naptime for everyone!! I think it was a great SUCCESS!!!

Here are the BIRTHDAY BOYS on their special day!!!

Now we await the arrival of little sister...6 more weeks! But WHO's COUNTING???

Are you keeping up with the EXERCISE??? SPRING is here so at LEAST GET OUT AND MOVE IT!!
I'm still MOVING...teaching 3-4 classes a week...LOVE HELPING OTHERS to SWEAT...helps me stay MOTIVATED!!!

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