Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Mommies

Trying to get everyone to class on the same day for a group picture is IMPOSSIBLE! Here is my 3rd attempt... got about 95% of the ladies over the 3 days! ( See last post for the others)
Tomorrow is my last offical class and I go on maternity leave! Miss Savannah is coming on Wednesday morning! Glad to have stuck with the PHYSICAL FITNESS during pregnancy~ thinking it made for a happy and healthy mommy and baby!

Hoping they are this excited when she is on the outside! julie hope photography did an AMAZING JOB! Going to be using her for the year to come...can't wait to see all the pictures of Little Miss!

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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Derby day is TODAY!!! GO BABY GO!!!
Last week-end my honey ran his 6th MARATHON in 12 months...GO BABY GO!!! Of course, he noted this was THE BEST one yet...KENTUCKY DERBY MARATHON...thinking he is partial because of his KENTUCKY BRIDE!

So proud of my husband! Now to get this little one on the outside so I can rejoin him on the race courses!

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