Monday, January 26, 2009

The Shack

When was the last time you read a good book??? It's been a few months for me....remember The Lucky One? Anyway, I decided it was time to get another book something to help pull me away from the tv and yes...the computer....and the parenting get the picture...something for "me" with a bit of education/mental stimulation. So...what did I choose???? Well, I've heard all the hype about several different books...and it was a HARD decision at the store today...Jodi Picoult? James Patterson? Emily Giffin??? but opted for THE SHACK by Wm "Willie" YOUNG. Have you heard of it??? It sounds very I'll get back with you. Check it out at

So do something for a book, take a bubble bath, have a cup of hot jo....whatever it is that will create some "me" time. It's apart of the FIT, FIERCE, and FABULOUS plan.
But DON'T forget to get your sweat on...that's a MUST!!!!

How's the sweating going?

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Who doesn't need a little sunshine??? Yes, those winter blues can hold you ENJOY the sunshine when you can! Today it's a bit warmer here...and I'm getting ready to take the kiddos around the block. Not only will it get in some extra exercise, it will help catch some much needed Vitamin D!!! Most of us are NOT getting enough vitamin D....even with fortified milk and cereals. As a dietitian I always recommend "eating" your vitamins and not popping your pills...but unless you're getting in lots of SUNSHINE and fish (tuna, salmon, sardines) you might need to add this supplement to your daily regimen.
SO... GET UP from your computer or away from that tv...bundle up...leaving some areas exposed for the sunshine to enter...and WALK outside for a few minutes. You're body will thank you for the exercise and the Vitamin D!

Cheers with some Milk tonight won't hurt!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blogging Addiction?

Thanks to Mighty M for posting this cool site... I was close to her at 62%...not a total loss, but more than 50% sounds like I might have a problem???
Anyway...check it out and see where you land!
Got a GREAT Bodypump class in this morning...packed house with 30 people...lots of sweating going on! Hope your getting in your daily dose of exercise in today!!! You'll feel better!
Prayers for our new President!

64%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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Til next time,

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Not much Monday's been almost a week...sorry...I hate that....I'm usually the one checking every one's blog wondering WHEN are they Gonna POST AGAIN??? This time it was me...oops!
NOT MUCH MONDAY...No, it's not the "not me Monday" post...that everyone seems to do...which is really funny and reassuring all at the same time because we've all been there done that and got the T shirt. It's a good outlet and a huge relief to let those "hidden" things out of the closet for us moms. So to those that do it...keep going!!!'s just a NOT MUCH Monday... luckily things are steady...every one's health has returned to normal...warm house from the snowy chilly day, and even got a good sweat on today in class. So that's it...NOT much Monday! Hoping to spice up the week with some fun and witty posts...but now the pillow calls my name.
Blessings to all...are you there...are you exercising?? Sometimes I wonder if I just type these for me?
i think it's definitely a combo...WIN/WIN situation. hope... sure to get up and MOVE SOMETHING!!!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We had a PJ day...what Roxy a PJ day? Yes...not by choice... Jackson had a fever so no gym for me. Instead I got a GREAT dose of inspiration!! The smiles, giggles, cuddles, hugs, kisses, and a little snot mixed with saliva made my day! I love these guys and they are a GREAT source of INSPIRATION for me.

What a face!

Watching the snow falling. Just some flurries. Look at him standing... CRAZY.

Filling good on him dancing!

Don't you just want to pinch those checks?

What is it? Inspiration... it's the "push", the "drive", the "force", the "love"'s "what-ever it takes" to make you do something you may not think you can do!
Inspiration comes in many different forms... people, songs, actions, name it! There's lots of Inspiration going around these last few weeks. Have you seen it? Are you awake? Are you looking?
Everyone is desperate to change and make a difference...but you need inspiration to help the process. Just look around.... what inspires you??? Here's a few that touch me in the heart, mind, and soul!

1. My hard working hubby.
2. My children- and striving to be healthy for them.
3. Bodypump videos and my new BP "Fierce" shirt!
4. Biggest Loser...the 19 yr old boy who was 454lbs and pushed himself up a hill. Check it out on
5. name it....being open with her weight loss struggles.
6. The Mommy and Me aerobics class- those WOMEN are AWESOME.
7. Music...lots of different songs, but lately it's "Eye of the Tiger"...not Rocky it's RoXy!
8. Bible verses
9. Nike ads- 'Just DO IT'
10. My friends...each of you are a blessing to me.

So find your INSPIRATION and then get started with your PERSPIRATION!! The is no time like the PRESENT to make this your BEST LIFE now!!! Become FIT, FIERCE, and FABULOUS with me! YOU deserve excuses.
Here to help....have you filled out your SMART sheet? What did you do today to start on that F,F,F path?

Love to hear back from you! What is your Inspiration?

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Monster Jam

Jackson LOVES to watch "Monster Jam" trucks and watches it on tv. He even knows most of the names of the trucks. So when I saw the advertisement on tv... I just had to take him. He had tons of watching him was fun. Thank goodness for earplugs! Here's a few pictures!!

Click to play Monster Jam
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How's the exercise coming...?
Leave me a note and tell me what you did this week!!!

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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Where to start???? You want to become FIT, Fierce, and FABULOUS- but HOW do you accomplish this tall task!
Well... it helps to have a PLAN with some GOALS. You can not MOVE mountains in a day, but you can begin to chip it away creating your path to a NEW YOU!!!

I'm starting a FIT, FIERCE, and FABULOUS challenge with my Mommy and Me class and thought you might want to join in the fun!

Below is a SMART Goal sheet- use it! Choose 3 goals- one for each aspect of your life (physical, mental, and spiritual) then fill out the sheet helping you map a way to success. It can BE ANYTHING!!!
Example- workout 4 days per wk, memorize a bible verse each week, 2 date nights/ month w/ hubby. YOU make it yours!! If your picking weight loss...remember 1 pound per week is a good goal. So have at it!!!

Tell someone about your goals...friend, sister, hubby, Me...anyone to help you stay accountable! We CAN DO THIS!!!
This will be the 1st quarter...we'll re=evaluate each 3 months. Good luck! Leave me a note and let me know your IN!!

Be SMART about Goal Setting.
Research shows that adopting a healthy habit like exercise can be as tough as breaking an unhealthy one like smoking! Follow this method when writing your goal:

Specific: Define precisely what you want to accomplish. 'Lose some weight' is too general. Lose 5 lbs is more specific.
I RESOLVE TO____________________________

This is WHY I want to achieve this________________________________

Measurable: Effective goals can be measured, so there's no question as to whether you've achieved them. One example would be to successfully complete a 5K walk/run. DEFINE objectively HOW you will KNOW when you've attained your goal.

Action-Oriented: List at least 5 specific tasks that will help you achieve this goal:
These actions/people can help me achieve my goal:

Realistic: Confirm the belief that the goal is indeed possible._____________

Time Bound. Set a deadline for reaching the goal!
March 20th for our first quarter INCENTIVE!

Fill this out and make a copy for yourself it where you can SEE IT AND BE REMINDED OF YOUR GOAL! Also, send a copy via email to me, so I can help encourage you toward success!
Pick ANY GOAL....just use the above behavior modification to help!

Let me know what you think!!

I just got me new issue of FITNESS magazine and it has some GREAT healthy recipes and exercise tips. Check it out at
I tried one out last night Thai Peanut Noodle bowl it was DELISH! Humm... that's an idea... we'll start a Healthy RECIPE of the week. If you've got one you'd like to share just leave a comment or email me! ( Could get you a Dietitian "live-it" plan just for you!!)
Hope you hop on the FIT, Fierce, and FABULOUS train with us!

To GreaT Health!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

FIT, Fierce, and FABULOUS!

Here it is!

It's Time to Get FIT, Fierce, and FABULOUS!

Yes... It's PAST Time!! Let this BE the Moment, the Day, the Month, the YEAR that you decide to MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN in your life. NO more EXCUSES! Life is a each day as a GIFT. Take CARE of your physical, mental and Spiritual HEALTH and you will be FIT, FIERCE, and FABULOUS in 2009.
The might even influence others to do the same!!
Wouldn't that be great to know that you MADE a difference in someone Else's life...YOU could be the MISSING reach someone for Jesus...or Inspire someone to start a fitness program, or help them have a little less stress. HOW???

By living the EXAMPLE!

But first things FIRST...START on YOU NOW!!! Tomorrow's a new NOT beat yourself up about today or yesterday... JUST get UP and MOVE it!!
Incentive???How about a happy life?

Sounds good to me! I hear to help ANYONE...nutrition or exercise...or even a spiritual lift...just reach out!

Click on the above picture and find a class for you! Be INSPIRED! Bodypump is AMAZING...but you can try something else more your on each person to get a "taste". Or even a walk with the DOG??? aka Guss?

Embrace the DAY!

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New YEAR

Well... I had good intentions of posting yesterday, but it didn't work out! No... it wasn't an alcohol induced delay...that would be a WASTE of empty calories...and a bad headache. Rather it was Strep Throat...yes, I- STRONG mommy did get it. Didn't catch it from JAckson until a WEEK later...striking just before mid-night on "New-Year's eve"...but luckily I went to the urgent care Doctor and got a Z-pack. Much better today...not 100%, but have decided to PUSH on and teach class today! Gotta start the NEW YEAR off with the Mommy and Me class!
What are your resolutions??? Be a better woman??? Let's strive for FIT, FIERCE, and FABULOUS!!!
Yes... this goal would make you the ALL round woman/mom! You'd be strong to care for your family...fierce to take on all things...and feel amazing inside and out! It's a tall order...but the ONLY way to live life! So EMBRACE this YEAR and be FIT, FIERCE, and FABULOUS!

Here are a few pictures of New Year's Eve...before my throat started to swell!

Stacey and Joe...loving the HAT!

Dinner with friends...good food...not so good service... HUH!

A self portrait...your arms are NEVER long enough!

Much Better snapshot!

Mr. Cool HUBBY

Have a GREAT day and START TODAY on that resolution... small steps toward BIG change! Find an accountability partner...hubby, friend, sister...anyone who will keep you going! ok... yes, even me... I'll be here to help too!
Get going!

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