Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blogging Addiction?

Thanks to Mighty M for posting this cool site... I was close to her at 62%...not a total loss, but more than 50% sounds like I might have a problem???
Anyway...check it out and see where you land!
Got a GREAT Bodypump class in this morning...packed house with 30 people...lots of sweating going on! Hope your getting in your daily dose of exercise in today!!! You'll feel better!
Prayers for our new President!

64%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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Til next time,

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steph said...

For real. 67% here. What is up with you lady! You are getting serious about your blogging! It must be all that exercise you are doing!

Mighty M said...

Nah.....I think excessive is at least 85%. I actually think we need to up the ante a little bit. I wonder if I can strap a computer to my elliptical? Ha! Then I wouldn't have time to watch pointless reality shows!

~*Liz*~ said...

I just found you via Once Upon A Blog and LOVE your site. I am now following your posts. :)