Saturday, August 28, 2010


Well an update is well deserved! Life has been wonderful...truly I am blessed. WE have enjoyed summer, traveled a bit, relaxed, kept up with exercise, tried some yummy new recipes, and have had lots of fun. We are now ready for fall to come as it is our favorite season! Bring on the sweat shirts, fire-pit nights, falling leaves, pumpkin candles, and mums!

Jackson just completed his second week of Pre K and is doing good. Each day he gets more accustomed to the "structure" and class-room "routine". He amazes me with the "ideas" and concepts he learns and shares with me at random. He is really into "army stuff" and Starwars. He has a "list" that we've started for Christmas and has been keeping up with it for almost a month. Hopefully, it will survive until the holidays.
Dane is growing bigger and becoming a "little boy" and stepping away from the "baby boy" phase. His laugh brings joy to my ears and melts my heart into mush! He has the " I do it myself mommy" attitude going on, but then wraps his arms around my neck and gives me a kiss. GOTTA LOVE THAT!! He still is very attached to his teddy...which can never be too far from his sight!

Jay has been training for a MARATHON... in this heat! I'm excited for his upcoming race...the AIR FORCE.... the boys should love the festivities! WE've continued to make time for us and have "date night" regularly which helps us keep a PROACTIVE approach to marriage! I love him dearly!!

Aerobics is going well and the particpants inspire me daily! I feel so blessed to lead others to sweat!! I've also been keeping up with the "miles" while training for my next race.... THE HALF MARATHON on 10-10-10! 13.1 is so much better on your body...and enjoyable! Today we ran 8 miles with the "team 13 gang" (the YMCA has a training group with a about 200 people) it was so WONDERFUL to be out there with everyone today. I felt JESUS with me this morning as I ran though local neighborhoods, encouraged fellow runners, and just breathed in his FRESH air! GOD is so GOOD and I'm so GRATEFUL to be healthy!!

How are things in your end of the world? Are you still "goal oriented"? Need to stay focused on continual growth...especially as Mommies!! My class currently has a 6 week incentive going on with 3 goals to accomplish during that time!
( Physical, Mental, and spiritural) What are you doing to GROW as a person????'s ESSENTIAL to take care of you so that you can take care of your family!!!

A few more pictures of our trip up north...we went to a RED SOX game. Hubby loved going to Fenway!

I thought this was actually have a sign for "HEALTHY SELECTIONS"... it was a "vending machine-like" area with some salad/sandwiches!

Brat and Budlight LIme! When at the ballpark... you kinda have "moderation"!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer comes to a close...

Funny, because I thought I'd posted a "post" a few weeks ago...but must have not "saved it"!
Any's been a few weeks since I've even checked in! Summer has offically Jackson started PreK today! Getting up and everyone out of the house at 7:30 am is a little "crazy"! All went well and he didn't look back!

Lots going on the last few weeks.... Jay and I did take a trip to "New England" country. My first to Maine and New Hampshire... did manage to visit Fenway Park in Boston too! Great time.
Still working out and loving it... training for a HALF MARATHON on 10-10-10, and enjoying my boys!

Just a few picutes...of our trip! More to a timely fashion!

Keep Sweating!!

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