Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kramer Christmas

Sorry for the lack of posts...both kiddos got sick over the holiday...Jackson with Strep Throat and Dane with an ear infection. Both got "bumble gum flavored" AMoxicillin...and love it. Thank goodness for flavorings...both are already feeling 100% better. WE're off to celebrate the New tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures of the Kramer Christmas.

Me-Me and Aunt Tammie looking at the "photo book".

"Farmer Stan" per Jackson... he got some lottery tickets and was VERY EXCITED!

Tyler holding Dane.

Hubby trying out Guitar Hero.

Jackson loves to play "hospital" he's got the tools.

The Three Amigos...we each got a vest from Tammie. THANKS!

Hope you've been exercising!!! Tomorrow's a NEW YEAR...start it off RIGHT and get some exercise in!

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Good morning to all! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday JESUS!
Here are a few shoots of my family at Claudia Saunders Dinner house and early this morning opening presents!
Enjoy the show.

Take the day off of exercise...we'll start back tomorrow!
Enjoy the day!!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mommy and Me Holiday Party

What fun I had last the FIRST ANNUAL Mommy and Me Holiday Party!
There were 15 of the ladies able to come, and we had a BLAST! Wonderful food and great drinks... "Candy Cane Martinis" and "Holiday Champagne" topped the list with of course Sparkling Pomegranate Juice for those excepting or nursing. The best part was AMAZING fellowship with FIT, FIERCE, and FABULOUS women! We also did a "sweet swap"- check out the spread of goodies in the slide show. Everyone brought about 5 dozen of their favorite "sweet" and we "sampled" after eating some "real" food. Then before leaving everyone filled their platter with a little of each. Now everyone has a GREAT Holiday spread of treats to share with their family and friends....all the while looking like "Martha Stewart". Shh... I'll never tell!
One of the other highlights was the Chinese gift exchange. Everyone brought a wrapped $10 gift and we got to choose a gift or "steal" from someone else. I LOVED my gift... a good bottle of red wine! Can't wait to pop the cork!

So thanks to those that attended!
Oh, and YES... I did get up and teach BODYPUMP this morning. Had to burn off that chocolate and of course a couple of those cocktails! I'll be up and doing it again tomorrow...well, STEP class at least. Do it with me...get that LAST workout in before CHRISTmas!

Happy Holidays!!!

Enjoy the show....

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday SPIRIT

Today was a crazy day...get up... change 3 diapers...Dane pooped 5 minutes after I changed his morning diaper then Jackson decided to "go" at the same time. Anyway, where was I...oh yeah, fix breakfast, dress everyone including.... myself as today is the 1 day I don't have to "teach" a class, and I'm not attending because of the CRAZY "to do" list. ( I deserve one day off?)
Drop Jackson off at to starbucks... had to have a ZEBRA Mocha....non-fat milk of course and no whip...but I watched the gal put it on anyway! Didn't want to fuss...and figured it was a good "thursday treat"! Ran to get the preschool teachers and classmates a little something...and back to school by 10 for the party. Did I mention that I forgot the camera???? Had to drive back home BEFORE the party- what kind of mom and blogger would I be??? Naughty for sure!

The rest is a nap for kiddos, lunch, and then headed out for my errands. Babes at home with sitter and I headed out...lets just say the HOLIDAY SPIRIT lives!!!
What do you mean? Well... there were lots of things still on my "to do" list and it was going to be a long afternoon. Hubby and I decided that he'd come home after work, pick up the kids, and meet me for dinner since my plans wouldn't end until after 6. So that meant me leaving my car for him... leaving me with the #3 car.
( the exterra that sits for weeks on end without being driven)
ANYWAY... gotta focus.... I should have listened to my gut when it took a few attempts to start, but I thought it was normal for a car that has been "resting" to be rather hard to start. NO not the case.

Headed to my first stop... got in and out...without the desired prize...tried to start the car... NOTHING!! But literally 30 seconds later a truck pulls in beside me... I hop out thinking surely this "manly man" would have jumper cables. I asked just that and he said, "Yes, do you need a jump?" I smiled, and said Please!
Well... he was a "Mr. Fix-it" and had to help me figure out how to even "pop" the hood. Now remember this is NOT my normal driving vechile...otherwise I might have known how?
It turns out that the battery had "stuff" all over it... Mr. Fix-it got out his tool box from the truck and proceeded to clean the "stuff" off. Then he gave me a "Jump"...I mean gave my car a jump. What's funny is that we kept up a conversation the entire time he was "fixing the battery". I know that he's happily married, has 2 grown kids- daughter 27, son-23 who is a state trooper and friends with my husband's friend...small world, that Mr. Fix-it works at Alcoa and is a volunteer fireman.
Once the Exterra was running like a champ I grab some money from my purse and tried to get Mr. Fix it to take it. He refused...wishing me a Merry Christmas. I asked for his name, and he simply said "Jake". I gave Jake a hug and thanked him profusely... it's so nice to know that there are GOOD people in this world, and I know "Mr. Fix-it- Jake" was there just at the time I needed him. Thank you for that one Lord. He has a master plan for every day, and today my Holiday spirit was renewed to the Brim!

In case you're wondering, I did make it though the rest of the day without problems...and hubby brought the kiddos for dinner. Loving our new Chinese find...Jimmy Jeng's!
I'm thinking the local firestation might be getting a BIG gift of CHOCOLATE...hopefully Mr. Fix-it Jake will enjoy it. Any other ideas of how I could get a Thank you to him? Pay it Forward? Open for suggetions!

Here are a few pics from the party!

Back to the GYM I go in the morning! Hope to see you there! The count down is on only a week til Christmas! ENJOY the HOLIDAY SPIRIT...pass it along!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Country Christmas

We headed south to Nashville this week-end to spend some time enjoying a "Country Christmas"! The Gaylord Opryland hotel is AMAZING and at Christmas time it is just an AWESOME sight. We enjoyed all the Christmas decorations from beautiful lights, flowers, to music-fountain shows. You have to put this on your "to do" list...if you go...see a show. They always have a live musical, play,or a ROCKETTE show. We didn't take advantage of this...not happening with little ones, but I'm sure all were GREAT!
Enjoy the pictures.
Oh, and YES I did exercise this week-end. I taught BP on Saturday morning BEFORE we headed south, and of course the hotel is so huge we probably walked 2 miles. What did you do? Get on it...those holiday treats will add up if you don't!

15 story high Christmas Tree with 42,000 lights! 25th Country Christmas Tree!

Got Chocolate? Jackson had just a little too much...this is what a 2 year looks like after a "solo" ice cream adventure!

Let me go!! I gotta catch up with Brother!

What? Santa? Where? Over there.... Try getting them to face the camera? Yeah Right!

If you stop by...leave a note... I just love comments...don't you? Plus I'd really like to know if you're trying to keep up with that exercise regimen!

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Party

We had our company Christmas party this week-end. Lots of fun, food, music, and presents! Remember when hubby and I went shopping on BLACK FRIDAY? Well, that's what it was for...our employee's gifts! Overall, I think everyone had a good time and enjoyed their gifts. Here are a few pictures of us!

Dane was not a happy camper with this BOW on his head! Me Me thought it was funny.

Daddy and Dane by the tree.

This was the best picture of us...we tried to get both boys looking at the same time...not much luck!

Jackson was cuttin' a rug to the music!

Did you get some exercise in these last few days? It's so important to stay fit during the holiday season! This can be a stressful time of the year... so go ahead and "work it out" at the gym!
Give me a post and let me know what you did!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

PJ Fun

The boys got in their PJ's a little early tonight...and decided to have some fun. Here Dane is starting to show Jackson the ropes of what it's going to be like.

Hope all is well with each of you! Did you get back in the exercise groove? Be sure to stay healthy this holiday season... it's the BEST GIFT you can give yourself!
Take care!

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