Friday, August 29, 2008

What day is it?

My week has been a little nutty...out of sorts because the Y had been closed, and I usually gage my days by teaching the Mommy and Me class. So after Monday's class I've been feeling a bit "off"! And I won't get the pleasure of seeing everyone this Monday because of the holiday.... an ENTIRE week without Mommy and Me class! HARD!! Thus, knowing my anal self....I did plan a "Mom's night out" last Tuesday evening....and there was 11 of us that showed up! Good Italian food, nice glass of Lamburso (sp?), and lots of girl talk! What fun. We also had a mommy and me "walking group" on Tuesday and Thursday at a local park and got some much needed cardio in....THANKS to those who showed up!
The most challenging activity and maybe the most fun was a trip to the ZOO! Our local zoo has CRAZY pushing a double stroller (75lbs w/ babies& stroller) was a GREAT glute workout! It's always nice to change it up and "surprise" your muscles with a varied workout! Jackson was just adorable at the zoo! He did great in the stroller during the "walking phase" 45 minutes of cardio....and then walked those hills with me for the zoo tour! Never getting back in the stroller! I must say he did GREAT staying close by and loved seeing all the animals. His favorite was the "RHIN0-Ras-RUs"! He was HUGE and had "toys"....a big tractor tire and HUGE BALL.... I think Jackson thought that was "cool". Dane also did his part by napping during most of our visit and then enjoyed the view from his seat! GREAT TRIP! Exception.... I forgot the camera...and as you may know I haven't mastered the transfer of photos from my cell phone. Therefore.... no pictures of the zoo! Sorry!
Have a Wonderful week-end and enjoy your families!
Try to get some exercise in too! Otherwise next week will be REALLY hard!

Move IT,

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekly Vices

Been thinking of a few things that have become such necessities for my week....thought I'd share in the fun!
  1. Hugs and Kisses from Hubby
  2. "I love you too Mom" from Jackson.
  3. Big Blue-eyed smiles from Dane.
  4. MOMMY and ME class....those ladies are great!
  5. Starbucks Mint Mocha Chip Frappachino with the CHOCOLATE WHIP CREAM- you can go light version BUT must have the whip. Thanks to Andrea today for the $2 coupon!
  6. Talks with Mom and Dad
  7. Both boys NAPPING....usually happens in the car while in route to the house. Which gives me time to call my friends.....Miss ALL of you out-of -towners!!!
  8. ARMY WIVES- Thanks to Steph for getting me hooked. Check it out at
  9. Church and spending time in the word
  10. My Wonderful sitter- me some time alone, even if it's to run around the city doing errands!
  11. Checking up on some blogs....updating this one.
  12. Catching up with Sis
  13. CHECKING EMAIL....I'm kinda addicted to it. So much easier than playing phone-tag with everyone!
  14. Going out to dinner with the family. ( At least once per week)
  15. BODYPUMP class
  16. Treating myself to something....last week it was a manicure/pedicure. Ladies, be sure to take care of you.....and then you can take care of your family.
  17. Sorting my calendar
  18. Cleaning the car....ok at least running it thru the car wash.
  19. Reading a magazine or book....TRYING to at least!
  20. SLEEP...still working on the 8 hours, but its a VICE to strive for.

What are some of the things you NEED each week?

If you don't have exercise in the top might want to think about adding it! Watch your health transform...not just the physical, but the mental stress relief will do wonders!




Thursday, August 21, 2008


Jackson getting a feel for the John Deere!

He was in "little boy heaven on earth" when he was able to "drive" the tractors! What a day for a 2 year old to see 50 tractors out on parade! They all parked at a local park and rested...then caravan ed down the highway back to their starting point. We passed by and Jackson said, "Oh my goodness, Momma look at all the tractors!" We had to stop and let him see....and drive them.

Thanks to the Tractor men!

Just a short clip....the tractors are "loading up" to leave! Jackson waved bye to each one!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pap-Paw's TRUCK

Jackson with Pap-Paw
Last week we got to visit my dad, and Jackson got his first chance to "drive" a BIG TRUCK. My mom has a really long driveway, and Pap-Paw let Jackson sit in his lap and "drive". What a GREAT experience for them both. We are so blessed to have my parents in our lives...even if we only get to see each other every few weeks. I'm certain this day will be "recorded" in Jackson he has such a great memory! Thanks Pap-Paw.
Get up and MOVE IT!!!
Praises to him,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wine Tasting

A pic of me and hubby this week-end....a little warm...thus the "Rosy glow"! Looks like we just went to the "Mommy and Me" aerobics class!

As Promised....I've got some wine selections for you to try. We went to the Southern Indiana Brewery and Winery Festival held by SWIRCA last night. Lots of fun, not to mention good wine and brew. 2 fellow Mommy and Me Moms were there w/ hubbies enjoying a "date night"... KUDOS to them.

12 Wineries present: Top Three Picks

  1. Huber's Winery - located at Starlight IN.... lots of great wine, family fun, orchards to pick from (apples, pumpkins, etc) ...We go EVERY Fall for our Family outing and wine tasting. So maybe it's unfair to have them in my picks....somewhat bias! Check them out 2 wines of choice (of those available last night) Star Light Red and Sweet Marcella!

  2. Indian Creek Winery- located in Georgetown In...not far from Huber's. BRAND NEW WINERY....opened in March! (We'll have to add them to our October trip) Great owners and good wine! My PURCHASE of the evening came from here... Sweet Creek Rose...YUM! The other wine of choice which is officially not even bottled is Lily La Cross...and nice white blend of 2 whites they make....look for it soon! Check them out at

  3. Butler Winery and Vineyards- located in Bloomington In. Worthy of a trip to Nashville IN and a night's stay at a bed and breakfast. I liked the Butler Indiana Red and white...Also the Butler Blueberry was nice. Look for them at

Need to mention Winzerwald Winery- Bristow IN.... they had A LOT to choose from, and I didn't sample that many of the selection....but a nice "spicy" wine was Schweizer Spice for those white fans, and a Gluhwein for a red spicy blend.

So that's it.... Go check'em out! Hubby tried the brew's....but I don't mix that w/ no reports there!

Have a GREAT week! Happy Walking.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rubber Ducky?

Dane in his DUCKY tub!


I know you were expecting pictures and video of Huey Lewis & the News, BUT after a week of frustration I still can not get them onto my computer! My phone doesn't have the email option, and doesn't seem to do anything when I hook up the USB port to it and the computer. Tried several other options without success. Open to suggestions!
So.... in light of "MOVING ON" after an entire week of holding on here's some pictures of Dane in his NEW TUB.

Thanks to one of my Louisville Buddies for the GREAT gift. Can be found at Target!

Heading out w/ hubby tonight to a Fund-raiser Wine and Beer festival. I'll post the "top picks" for you to try ASAP!

Oh....I've completed my TEAM TEACHING for BODYPUMP and will start next week solo! Keep your fingers crossed. Loving the changes that the class has already done to my muscles!! Still have A LOT of work to do...but baby steps are happening!

Lots of Hugs..... TAKE A WALK this week-end!



Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back in TIME!

I'm chopping at the bit to do my "BACK IN TIME" post! Yes, stepping back to the 80's my hubby and I went to a HUEY LEWIS and the NEWS concert last night! WHAT FUN!!! My mom brain forgot the camera, but the trusty cell phone was there to save the day! Now to just find a way to down-load the video/pictures to the computer. My port doesn't fit the phone...!!!! But it will be worth the phone was actually HELD BY HUEY!! attempt to head to the front row for a picture turned into him SMILING at me...and then TAKING MY CELL PHONE OUT OF MY HAND!!! Yes, he did! Took the phone and sang about 30 seconds into the phone....little did he know no-one was on the other end....just recording him! WHAT FUN!! I couldn't BELIEVE IT! After that hubby and I stayed up front and danced the night away! BAD BAD BAD!!!
Heart of Rock & Roll,
I'll be BACK w/ video.

Monday, August 4, 2008



This is just a little reminder to LISTEN to your body! Be in tuned with your body so that you can take care of it! Today, after teaching 2 aerobics classes....I had the LONG "to-do" list in my mind, but with both babies sleeping I decided to fore-go the "chores". I LISTENED to my body telling me to REST! Yes, it a guilty feeling at first.... when my mind wants me to PUSH PUSH and do everything I can while they sleep. BUT we need to STOP and realize what's most IMPORTANT...our health! The dishes, or unfolding laundry, or crumbly floor (by the high chair) WILL WAIT! Don't place yourself on the pedestal and try to be QUEEN of ALL THINGS! We are NOT! We are HUMAN! Let the spirit work in you, and LISTEN when you need to REST!!
"Then Peter and the apostles replied, WE must obey God rather than men." Acts 5:25

Remember we are no good to anyone else when we're TIRED and CRANKY. Just like a 2 year old...we can become IRRATIONAL when not rested. So...the next time your BODY whispers..."Nap"....or SCREAMS "NAP"....LISTEN and respond.

Blessings! NOW GET UP AND MOVE IT after that nap!