Friday, August 29, 2008

What day is it?

My week has been a little nutty...out of sorts because the Y had been closed, and I usually gage my days by teaching the Mommy and Me class. So after Monday's class I've been feeling a bit "off"! And I won't get the pleasure of seeing everyone this Monday because of the holiday.... an ENTIRE week without Mommy and Me class! HARD!! Thus, knowing my anal self....I did plan a "Mom's night out" last Tuesday evening....and there was 11 of us that showed up! Good Italian food, nice glass of Lamburso (sp?), and lots of girl talk! What fun. We also had a mommy and me "walking group" on Tuesday and Thursday at a local park and got some much needed cardio in....THANKS to those who showed up!
The most challenging activity and maybe the most fun was a trip to the ZOO! Our local zoo has CRAZY pushing a double stroller (75lbs w/ babies& stroller) was a GREAT glute workout! It's always nice to change it up and "surprise" your muscles with a varied workout! Jackson was just adorable at the zoo! He did great in the stroller during the "walking phase" 45 minutes of cardio....and then walked those hills with me for the zoo tour! Never getting back in the stroller! I must say he did GREAT staying close by and loved seeing all the animals. His favorite was the "RHIN0-Ras-RUs"! He was HUGE and had "toys"....a big tractor tire and HUGE BALL.... I think Jackson thought that was "cool". Dane also did his part by napping during most of our visit and then enjoyed the view from his seat! GREAT TRIP! Exception.... I forgot the camera...and as you may know I haven't mastered the transfer of photos from my cell phone. Therefore.... no pictures of the zoo! Sorry!
Have a Wonderful week-end and enjoy your families!
Try to get some exercise in too! Otherwise next week will be REALLY hard!

Move IT,


knitty bitty apparel said...

I REALLY missed mommy and me last week---let's hope that doesn't happen again!! Looking forward to Wednesday and get back on our regular schedule!! ANd, let's do lunch after class and catch up---6 days without Christa---gasp!!! Such hard times ;-)

Andrea said...

I'm ready for class!!!