Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back in TIME!

I'm chopping at the bit to do my "BACK IN TIME" post! Yes, stepping back to the 80's my hubby and I went to a HUEY LEWIS and the NEWS concert last night! WHAT FUN!!! My mom brain forgot the camera, but the trusty cell phone was there to save the day! Now to just find a way to down-load the video/pictures to the computer. My port doesn't fit the phone...!!!! But it will be worth the phone was actually HELD BY HUEY!! attempt to head to the front row for a picture turned into him SMILING at me...and then TAKING MY CELL PHONE OUT OF MY HAND!!! Yes, he did! Took the phone and sang about 30 seconds into the phone....little did he know no-one was on the other end....just recording him! WHAT FUN!! I couldn't BELIEVE IT! After that hubby and I stayed up front and danced the night away! BAD BAD BAD!!!
Heart of Rock & Roll,
I'll be BACK w/ video.

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