Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekly Vices

Been thinking of a few things that have become such necessities for my week....thought I'd share in the fun!
  1. Hugs and Kisses from Hubby
  2. "I love you too Mom" from Jackson.
  3. Big Blue-eyed smiles from Dane.
  4. MOMMY and ME class....those ladies are great!
  5. Starbucks Mint Mocha Chip Frappachino with the CHOCOLATE WHIP CREAM- you can go light version BUT must have the whip. Thanks to Andrea today for the $2 coupon!
  6. Talks with Mom and Dad
  7. Both boys NAPPING....usually happens in the car while in route to the house. Which gives me time to call my friends.....Miss ALL of you out-of -towners!!!
  8. ARMY WIVES- Thanks to Steph for getting me hooked. Check it out at
  9. Church and spending time in the word
  10. My Wonderful sitter- me some time alone, even if it's to run around the city doing errands!
  11. Checking up on some blogs....updating this one.
  12. Catching up with Sis
  13. CHECKING EMAIL....I'm kinda addicted to it. So much easier than playing phone-tag with everyone!
  14. Going out to dinner with the family. ( At least once per week)
  15. BODYPUMP class
  16. Treating myself to something....last week it was a manicure/pedicure. Ladies, be sure to take care of you.....and then you can take care of your family.
  17. Sorting my calendar
  18. Cleaning the car....ok at least running it thru the car wash.
  19. Reading a magazine or book....TRYING to at least!
  20. SLEEP...still working on the 8 hours, but its a VICE to strive for.

What are some of the things you NEED each week?

If you don't have exercise in the top might want to think about adding it! Watch your health transform...not just the physical, but the mental stress relief will do wonders!




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