Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rubber Ducky?

Dane in his DUCKY tub!


I know you were expecting pictures and video of Huey Lewis & the News, BUT after a week of frustration I still can not get them onto my computer! My phone doesn't have the email option, and doesn't seem to do anything when I hook up the USB port to it and the computer. Tried several other options without success. Open to suggestions!
So.... in light of "MOVING ON" after an entire week of holding on here's some pictures of Dane in his NEW TUB.

Thanks to one of my Louisville Buddies for the GREAT gift. Can be found at Target!

Heading out w/ hubby tonight to a Fund-raiser Wine and Beer festival. I'll post the "top picks" for you to try ASAP!

Oh....I've completed my TEAM TEACHING for BODYPUMP and will start next week solo! Keep your fingers crossed. Loving the changes that the class has already done to my muscles!! Still have A LOT of work to do...but baby steps are happening!

Lots of Hugs..... TAKE A WALK this week-end!



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Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

So sorry to hear about the videa, but do love the baby Dane pics!! What a cute tub. And, good thing you marked your faves in your booklet ;-)