Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wine Tasting

A pic of me and hubby this week-end....a little warm...thus the "Rosy glow"! Looks like we just went to the "Mommy and Me" aerobics class!

As Promised....I've got some wine selections for you to try. We went to the Southern Indiana Brewery and Winery Festival held by SWIRCA last night. Lots of fun, not to mention good wine and brew. 2 fellow Mommy and Me Moms were there w/ hubbies enjoying a "date night"... KUDOS to them.

12 Wineries present: Top Three Picks

  1. Huber's Winery - located at Starlight IN.... lots of great wine, family fun, orchards to pick from (apples, pumpkins, etc) ...We go EVERY Fall for our Family outing and wine tasting. So maybe it's unfair to have them in my picks....somewhat bias! Check them out 2 wines of choice (of those available last night) Star Light Red and Sweet Marcella!

  2. Indian Creek Winery- located in Georgetown In...not far from Huber's. BRAND NEW WINERY....opened in March! (We'll have to add them to our October trip) Great owners and good wine! My PURCHASE of the evening came from here... Sweet Creek Rose...YUM! The other wine of choice which is officially not even bottled is Lily La Cross...and nice white blend of 2 whites they make....look for it soon! Check them out at

  3. Butler Winery and Vineyards- located in Bloomington In. Worthy of a trip to Nashville IN and a night's stay at a bed and breakfast. I liked the Butler Indiana Red and white...Also the Butler Blueberry was nice. Look for them at

Need to mention Winzerwald Winery- Bristow IN.... they had A LOT to choose from, and I didn't sample that many of the selection....but a nice "spicy" wine was Schweizer Spice for those white fans, and a Gluhwein for a red spicy blend.

So that's it.... Go check'em out! Hubby tried the brew's....but I don't mix that w/ no reports there!

Have a GREAT week! Happy Walking.

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knitty bitty apparel said...

Nicely done! I'm surprised you "remembered" all that ;-)