Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

It's been a terrific Tuesday....the weather here is WONDERFUL! Beautiful Sunshine and NO HUMIDITY! Can I get an Amen???
Started out with BODYPUMP this am, and got a great workout in. Then headed for the playground with little man while BIG Boy was at "tball" camp. Then went Thur my favorite drive Thur for a COFFEE! (Tall Low fat Carmel Machatio PLEASE)!

Little man was well on his way to a nap as I drove back to wait for BIG BOY to be finished. So what's a mom to do with 45 minutes to spare and a SLEEPING baby in the car???
Well.... I always have something WITH ME to do! Fitness magazine, good book, make my "to-do" list....but TODAY I got some extra time in to learn the NEW BODYPUMP RELEASE #70 music and moves!
7 out of the 10 are in my mind...just a few more to learn before July 11th.
Got BIG BOY from camp and he was SO EXCITED to have hit the BALL MOM!!! WITH THE BAT!! It's the little things RIGHT?!?!?

Then onward to lunch out with both boys! We conquered the Mexican restaurant solo...Hubby was going to meet us, but literally last minute had to bail. I was already in the parking lot with 2 HUNGRY boys...can't reverse out of that one!
All went well...with an added bonus of BIG BOY "pooping" on the POTTY!!! Our first triumph out!! Can I get ANOTHER AMEN?!?!?

NOW one is down and I'm trying to post while the other is literally crawling around my feet!
Better go...Keep up that EXERCISE routine! I'm thinking of an INCENTIVE...something with EXERCISE...goals...and the PRIZE of a FREE NUTRITION COUNSELING SESSION!
What do you think? Any ideas?

Oh, just a few pictures of Dane's first hair cut!

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A night at the BALLPARK!

We decided to have some family fun and go to the local minor league baseball game.

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Be getting those sweats in!!! Are you running? Bodypumping? Zumbaing...or WHAT! Hope you're doing something to stay active!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Playdate after class

We decided to take Gattitown by storm today! There were about 10 moms, 20 plus kids, lots of salad and pizza which made for CRAZY fun! Here's a few of the shots!

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Are you getting your exercise in??? Hope so...remember CAN'T never COULD...so go...

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mommies out on the Town

It was that time again...Mom's night out! Several of us from class headed to Bonefish for a late dinner. Which means we were in SERIOUS need of some "girl" time. WE decided to meet a little later...8:00pm.... kiddos fed:check, hubby home:check, kitchen cleaned up:check, 1 kiddo in bed at 7:30:check, change clothes:check...RUN out the door:check....TIME with the FIT, FIERCE,and FABULOUS Women PRICELESS!

Can't wait for our next outing...maybe more will show up. Last week there were 31 of us in class...add the babies and it was 45!!! CRAZY!!!

Let me know when your next girl night is!!! If you don't have one on the calendar...JUST DO IT!!!

Don't forget to SWEAT some over the week-end!
So go...

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lemonade Award

Thanks to EXECUTIVE Momma for nominating me for the Attitude of Gratitude award!!
Very cool!!
I am grateful for my attitude of gratitude and know that's is all because of my savior!
GOD is so AMAZING and I'm THANKFUL for everything he has blessed me with! So why would I not show a loving and grateful heart to the world??? I hope that most days might LIGHT shines bright for him!! Even on those "not so good days" my mind is reminded how much grace GOD has given me and that I need to be appreciative of it.
So here's to a few others that help inspire me with their ATTITUDES of GRATITUDE. I nominate them for this award!

1. Sneaky Mommy Se certs

2.And then there were THREE

3. >McBeautiful LIFE

4.Knitty Bitty

5.Domestically Challenged

These are just a few WONDERFUL women...I love so many of the blogs!!!

Now here are the rules....
1. Link the nominating person name to your post.
2. Post the lemonade picture to blog or post.
3. Comment on the nominating sites' blogs.
4. Nominate 5-10 blogs.
5. Explain your attitude of gratitude.

Hope your having a GREAT WEEK!!
Be sure to ....

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Friday, June 5, 2009


Every body's in a KICKBACK mode!! Just a few pictures of us gearing up for the week-end!

Dane Chillin' in the highchair...he even knows it's FRIDAY!!!


Hubby got this one...NO that is NOT an adult beverage...NOT on a FRIDAY night! Never!! Ok... I'm caught!

READY for some FAMILY time...and of course a few workouts!
Have a GREAT ONE and ...

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer TV

Yes...most TV shows are over for the season...giving way to more outside activities...which I FULLY support to keep you active!
BUT... I must admit that I'll be watching ARMY WIVES this Sunday!
GREAT drama, AWESOME women, some laughs, and just good Ole' southern entertainment.
So get those kiddos to bed, make an adult beverage, and kickback to enjoy ARMY WIVES this Sunday night. Check it out HERE!!
Thanks to this ARMY WIFE for getting me hooked!

Now get up and MOVE IT!!!
Roxy (aka Army wife's character)