Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mommies out on the Town

It was that time again...Mom's night out! Several of us from class headed to Bonefish for a late dinner. Which means we were in SERIOUS need of some "girl" time. WE decided to meet a little later...8:00pm.... kiddos fed:check, hubby home:check, kitchen cleaned up:check, 1 kiddo in bed at 7:30:check, change clothes:check...RUN out the door:check....TIME with the FIT, FIERCE,and FABULOUS Women PRICELESS!

Can't wait for our next outing...maybe more will show up. Last week there were 31 of us in class...add the babies and it was 45!!! CRAZY!!!

Let me know when your next girl night is!!! If you don't have one on the calendar...JUST DO IT!!!

Don't forget to SWEAT some over the week-end!
So go...

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Mighty M said...

FUN!! So great that you get together for a girl's night!!

Andrea said...

good looking group of ladies, eh?!