Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beat your drums...and flex those friendship muscles!

I got Jackson "beating his drums"....which he got out of my kitchen. At first, I thought of correcting him, then paused, and noticed there was NO HARM in him "beating his drums".
We all need to "beat our on drums" every now and then. ESPECIALLY as a wife and mother you need to take that time to care yourself....which also means nuturing your friendships.
Just because we are wives, and mothers, doesn't mean that we're Not STILL WOMEN! What do we need? We need our friends!! GOD wants us to have fellowship with others, and not only lean on him but our FRIENDS. How can you do this if you don't ever make them a PRIORITY? Don't be the wife or mom that when the children leave they have NO-one to talk to!!! WHY? Because they didn't take the TIME to nuture themselves as women...building those relationships with friends and husbands!!!
" A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones." Provebs 17:22

So what are you waiting for... Pick up the phone, email, or drive over to her house... PLAN an evening or lunch date minus kiddos! TALK ABOUT YOURSELEVES and not just the kiddos! NUTRURE your FRIENDSHIPS!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This past FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY were the most difficult days that I think I've faced in my life...well at least for a LONG time. It made childbirth look like FUN? So what was this craziness???
Yes, I decided to push myself to the next level of fitness and become a BODYPUMP INSTRUCTOR.
Check it out

What is BODYPUMP? It is the original barbell workout that STRENGTHENS YOUR ENTIRE BODY! It's a 60 minute program that challenges EVERY major muscle group by using the BEST WEIGHT-ROOM EXERCISES set to awesome choreography with amazing music!
The motto of BODYPUMP INSTRUCTORS " we are WARRIORS in the battle against sedentary lifestyle and obesity". That just strikes a cord with my heart...maybe it's the dietitian in me.

Over this past week-end I challenged both my mind and body to GO WERE IT'S NEVER BEEN and BACK!! What a TRANSFORMATION and sense of renewal for my SPIRIT!! To know that YES YOU CAN DO IT is all inspiring!!! SO...come along with me on this journey...I've got my "driver's permit" to teach these classes, and it will take me a few months before I can "submit" my video ofme teaching an ENTIRE class to be "judged".
Yes...I have to PASS a FINAL to become and "official" INSTRUCTOR...which requires me to have 100% knowledge of the choreography of a one hour class, cue appropriately, coach effectively, have perfect technique, and use "instructor" weight! WOW...sound like FUN! It will be.

So GET UP AND MOVE!! Start small if you've let exercise go for awhile...and just up! As long as you BELIEVE YOU CAN ...YOU CAN! Check " I Can't at the door", and JUST DO IT! I'll be here to push, pull, or coax you along!!


Monday, July 28, 2008

2 Mom's on the Wine Tasting Circuit!

Yes, My friend Stef and I went to a Wine tasting last week...lots of FUN! Great of my FAV's and cool new wines. What a combo...not to mention ALL the GIRL TALK you can take!! We even moved to a table for "2" as to not share our "goods" with anyone else. So here were are enjoying the wine!
I'll catch up on the CRAZY week-end I had later today....babies crying.
MOVE IT!!! Roxy

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Friends are amazing treasures to have....they can vary in shapes, sizes, time spans, and degrees of closeness. I'm so blessed by GOD to have so many women in my life to call "FRIEND". From those that stem to childhood three-wheeler riding to cheer leading camp and beyond, to those that I've worked with and grown to love, all the way to those I've found with becoming a mom. I'm certain that GOD has intertwined our paths for a greater purpose than I can see...and how thankful I am for each one. Tonight, I reflected on this thought.... How blessed am I to have such wonderful laugh and cry with...sometimes at the same time....What true gifts that I treasure!

So to all of those that have crossed and are still in my pathway.... THANK YOU for being my Friend!


Love and Blessings,

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Flowers!

Black-Eyed Susan's!!! BEAUTIFUL!
I love these flowers...they've really taken off this you can see they've got Jackson beat in the height department!

He's posing by the waterfall...standing on a "special" rock to keep Grand-Pa Glenn close to our daily thoughts! He loves this shirt and asked to wear the "WOLF" shirt today... howl and all! Thanks to Mam-Maw for that one....and finally kept his hat on...even though he complained about it being "too hot"... "hat off"!
Not much this week-end to report...HOT weather kept us in most of the days. Mam-Maw decided to head over for a "surprise" visit after she got off work. Jackson and I were actually outside checking the mail when she pulled up. You should have seen those RED CROCs fly... he could have had smoke coming off those feet! WE were both happy to see her. Dinner with everyone on Friday night.... and some time w/ hubby's friends on Saturday night. Mostly just relaxed today. We all need those kinda of days to recoup and prepare for the coming week. It's gonna be a busy one. Hang on for the updates.
2 aerobics classes in the am...better sign off!
GO ON... MOVE it this Week!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mom's NIGHT OUT!!!

Are we HOT mamma's or what?

Here are a few of us from class taking a much needed break! I try to organize at least 1 "Mom's night out" every few months for our class to fellowship outside of the gym. It's a great way to build our friendship and share thoughts while also eating a HOT meal! We had lots of fun tonight at FIREFLY.... a little southern flare in the Midwest. My cocktail of choice was a "Southern Belle"... mighty tasty combination of amaretto and champagne.... of course we had to have dessert... I split "Something Chocolate" with a fellow "Southern Belle"... and it was YUMMY!

Remember.... it's so IMPORTANT to take care of yourself so you can care for your Family. Not only is it important to exercise and eat well.... BUT mental health is just as important. Spending time with friends.... especially fellow moms can recharge those batteries. So pick up the phone, grab your calendar, and schedule your next outing with a friend!!!

Get up and MOVE it!

Much Love,


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dane in Action

Smiling for the camera... loving the Independence of his exer-saucer and working those legs! He's getting stronger every day, not to mention cutting 2 bottom teeth! Now that's WORK!!

Baby GQ?
Hi MOM!!! He was just talking like crazy... of course I tried to video his cooing below and he clammed up... nothing, but still CUTE!

We had a FUN filled week-end with friends over for dinner Saturday night. Lots of GREAT food...YUMMY ribs...A family's secret recipe, pasta salad, spinach-berry salad, potato salad, and of course CHOCOLATE CAKE for dessert!!! I figured with all those SALADs we could have some chocolate.... but of course we'll make up for it tonight in our walk... and I'll give the Mommy and Me class an "extra" fun work-out in the morning!

Remember it's all about moderation.... there is no "BAD" food... just "BAD" choices of the AMOUNTS we choose to consume of those higher caloric foods!
Let this be THE WEEK you start to make HEALTHIER CHOICES and make a difference toward a BETTER you!! If not for yourself, for your FAMILY!!
Much Love,

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My little men

Tuckered out!

I caught them both catching some Z's!
What a blessing they are to me!

Take time to love on those little ones and just spend the day focused on the time with them! No lengthy phone calls...or emails... or appointments... house-work... or other "stuff"...... just them!

Today was a wonderful day... why.... because I got to spend ALL day with my little ones! Yes, as a "stay at home mom" you would expect that we're together ALL the time, but it's not the case. We always have something going on... from aerobics class, running errands, appointments, mom groups....anything and everything that life has for us... but today I just REFLECTED on them and truly APPRECIATED every moment!

We did a quick visit to get Dane weighed at the lactation group, and then I gave my "big boy" the option of story time at the library or Target.
He's a shopper because he choose Target... couldn't pinpoint WHY he would choose this destination versus story time, but once we got there he asked to "WALK" and not "RIDE". I allowed it with a quick explanation of if he didn't listen to MOMMY then he'd end up in the cart with his little brother. He did GREAT, sticking close and listening like a champ... even putting back the cars that were in the check-out lane. (THIS IS a HUGE MARKETING TRAP.... don't fall victim.) Yes, my little man controlled his 2 year old self and put the cars back once prompted. It was a SUCCESSFUL Target adventure with both of the little men! No crying, for any of us!

Afterwards.... homeward bound we just ate left-overs for lunch and cuddled. It was so nice to just be with them... I didn't stress about housework, or my calendar, or any of the "to do lists" my mind was pulling for me to do. Nope... just me and my little men! I truly counted my blessings and thanked GOD for them and the pleasure of being with them today.

For all those crazy days we have.... just take a BREATH and remember what you've been given and drink it up...our kiddos can be the best medicine even on those lazy days. Give yourself a break and just focus on them.... not the worried to-do list. It's there the next day.

Just to show you that he's usually going this SPEED ALL DAY LONG. The above picture is RARE!

Let the "big boy" with quick feet be your inspiration to get UP and MOVE IT!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Birthday BOY and me Posing for a picture!
We've had a BIG Holiday week-end... with lots of FIREWORKS.... 3 nights in a row!

My hubby turned the BIG 30 yesterday, so we "CELEBRATED" in style with food, friends, beverages, and some FIREWORKS all week-end long.

Hope you had a GREAT week-end as well. Check out the slide show with some of the party pictures.
Get up and MOVE it... I taught 2 classes this morning after a LONG week-end my thighs are SCREAMING!
Much Love,

Check out my Slide Show!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy JULY!!

I am finding it hard to believe that it's already JULY 2008. Time truly begins to pass so fast when you have kids... is that because we don't get much sleep? Or that the days just melt into each other when the never ending "to do " list. We as moms are always planning the next day, week, month.... and then you look up and the year is more than half way gone!?!? Crazy.
We need to take those deep breaths and reflect every few days... remembering the HERE and NOW... not hurrying the next weeks. Maybe that's why time goes to fast? We're already planning out the weeks and months ahead. Let's JUST STOP and SMELL those ROSES. Life is to be cherished and enjoyed... not hurried along. Of course it's OK to be prepared and have an outline...but let's not lose sight of each day be letting our calendar control our focus of TODAY.
Enjoy each one as it is a blessing from our FATHER.
"This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

Love on your family this holiday week-end, and ENJOY your time with them. Our days are numbered... let's just take them one at a time.

Move it this week-end...always a great time for a walk.