Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My little men

Tuckered out!

I caught them both catching some Z's!
What a blessing they are to me!

Take time to love on those little ones and just spend the day focused on the time with them! No lengthy phone calls...or emails... or appointments... house-work... or other "stuff"...... just them!

Today was a wonderful day... why.... because I got to spend ALL day with my little ones! Yes, as a "stay at home mom" you would expect that we're together ALL the time, but it's not the case. We always have something going on... from aerobics class, running errands, appointments, mom groups....anything and everything that life has for us... but today I just REFLECTED on them and truly APPRECIATED every moment!

We did a quick visit to get Dane weighed at the lactation group, and then I gave my "big boy" the option of story time at the library or Target.
He's a shopper because he choose Target... couldn't pinpoint WHY he would choose this destination versus story time, but once we got there he asked to "WALK" and not "RIDE". I allowed it with a quick explanation of if he didn't listen to MOMMY then he'd end up in the cart with his little brother. He did GREAT, sticking close and listening like a champ... even putting back the cars that were in the check-out lane. (THIS IS a HUGE MARKETING TRAP.... don't fall victim.) Yes, my little man controlled his 2 year old self and put the cars back once prompted. It was a SUCCESSFUL Target adventure with both of the little men! No crying, for any of us!

Afterwards.... homeward bound we just ate left-overs for lunch and cuddled. It was so nice to just be with them... I didn't stress about housework, or my calendar, or any of the "to do lists" my mind was pulling for me to do. Nope... just me and my little men! I truly counted my blessings and thanked GOD for them and the pleasure of being with them today.

For all those crazy days we have.... just take a BREATH and remember what you've been given and drink it up...our kiddos can be the best medicine even on those lazy days. Give yourself a break and just focus on them.... not the worried to-do list. It's there the next day.

Just to show you that he's usually going this SPEED ALL DAY LONG. The above picture is RARE!

Let the "big boy" with quick feet be your inspiration to get UP and MOVE IT!

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Andrea said...

Your little men are TOO cute!