Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Flowers!

Black-Eyed Susan's!!! BEAUTIFUL!
I love these flowers...they've really taken off this you can see they've got Jackson beat in the height department!

He's posing by the waterfall...standing on a "special" rock to keep Grand-Pa Glenn close to our daily thoughts! He loves this shirt and asked to wear the "WOLF" shirt today... howl and all! Thanks to Mam-Maw for that one....and finally kept his hat on...even though he complained about it being "too hot"... "hat off"!
Not much this week-end to report...HOT weather kept us in most of the days. Mam-Maw decided to head over for a "surprise" visit after she got off work. Jackson and I were actually outside checking the mail when she pulled up. You should have seen those RED CROCs fly... he could have had smoke coming off those feet! WE were both happy to see her. Dinner with everyone on Friday night.... and some time w/ hubby's friends on Saturday night. Mostly just relaxed today. We all need those kinda of days to recoup and prepare for the coming week. It's gonna be a busy one. Hang on for the updates.
2 aerobics classes in the am...better sign off!
GO ON... MOVE it this Week!


knitty bitty apparel said...

Hey Rox----LOVE the pics! See you tomorrow---I need a good workout! V

The Herrenbrucks said...

Hey! I'll def take you up on the offer to move and grove when I come in town. Lord knows I am going to need to! Things are going well with Hope and I for sure! I'm just ready to meet her. Glad to see you and the boys are doing well...