Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dane in Action

Smiling for the camera... loving the Independence of his exer-saucer and working those legs! He's getting stronger every day, not to mention cutting 2 bottom teeth! Now that's WORK!!

Baby GQ?
Hi MOM!!! He was just talking like crazy... of course I tried to video his cooing below and he clammed up... nothing, but still CUTE!

We had a FUN filled week-end with friends over for dinner Saturday night. Lots of GREAT food...YUMMY ribs...A family's secret recipe, pasta salad, spinach-berry salad, potato salad, and of course CHOCOLATE CAKE for dessert!!! I figured with all those SALADs we could have some chocolate.... but of course we'll make up for it tonight in our walk... and I'll give the Mommy and Me class an "extra" fun work-out in the morning!

Remember it's all about moderation.... there is no "BAD" food... just "BAD" choices of the AMOUNTS we choose to consume of those higher caloric foods!
Let this be THE WEEK you start to make HEALTHIER CHOICES and make a difference toward a BETTER you!! If not for yourself, for your FAMILY!!
Much Love,

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knitty bitty apparel said...

LOVE the pics of Dane---and they never do anything when you want them too---but cute video! I bet your mom loves seeing these! V