Monday, September 29, 2008


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That's All from KY speedway!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family time!!!

This is a picture of my mom's side of the family...the KERBY's!!! We're known to have hot tempers, be a little outspoken, but most of all we are a LOVING family! We agree to disagree and love each other is spite of our differences. My mom has 1 brother, and 4 we all are with my cousins' (missing the oldest 3 which live WAY out of town) and my cousins' children! I have to think that our Mam-Maw and Pap-Paw are smiling down on us from heaven with what they've helped to create. What a GREAT family!!
My sis holding Mr. Crabby pants...actually Mr. Blue eyes was GREAT ALL DAY...even with those top teeth coming down!

Yet again, Jackson found a tractor to ride! My uncle Mike took us for a hay ride around their farm. Jackson was wanting to DRIVE it, but settled for a chance to sit and "pretend drive". He did love sitting on the trailer with all the hay! True FALL FUN!
How are you doing on the exercise? Just do it.... GET UP and MOVE IT today!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sitting up!

It's been a few weeks that Dane has mastered the act of SITTING alone...about time I documented the developmental land mark! So here he is .... Mr. Blue Eyes giving us his " I can sit up" act! Enjoy.

It's fall....are you ready? Dig in and make sure those exercise habits are being'll need it when the weather turns cold and you'll want to stay in the warm house! Make these next 8 weeks the habit-forming ones BEFORE winter sets in! Enjoy the FALL weather and get out and exercise....walk the dog, push the baby, drag the hubby....just GET UP and DO IT! Maybe even push yourself and go to that exercise class....wish you could all come to the Mommy and Me class! We've got a FALL INCENTATIVE started.... 8weeks to motivate each other....the winner will get a $50 gift certificate to the SPA! So why not set yourselves a goal....and give yourself a "treat" WHEN you accomplish it... 8 weeks and CHANGE can HAPPEN! Just in time for winter! How bout it? Are you in?



Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike reaching Indiana

Mr. Blue eyes watching everyone work! It was a bit chilly!
Jackson loved "helping" rake the debris.

Working those biceps! What a man always trying to get some exercise in!

Jackson enlisted the wagon for limbs! Then he wanted to water them?

We had a Major Wind storm yesterday! Gust reached almost 60 mph, but mostly they averaged 30 mph. I can't even imagine what it must have been like down South in Texas! We lost 3 trees in our back yard, luckily they decided to fall away from the house and we didn't have any major damage. We were out of power for about 7 hours...and man how I take electricity for granted!
No tv, computer, lights, or microwave OUCH! We are so blessed to have these things and I forget how easily things can be taken from us! Be sure to count the "little things" that you use everyday!
We'll be getting for exercise in this week as we continue the clean up process! So you need to as well... GET UP AND MOVE IT!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where does the time go?

Does time just seem to fly by? It seems as if the last week has just slipped away from me. Sorry for the delay in posting...we had freinds in town on Friday night and then cooked dinner for another couple on Saturday night-lots of family time! Then the last few days have just flown by! So here's the latest and greatest in this mommy's life!

1. Dane can sit up!
Yes, he turned 6 months and we've started rice cereal! He's getting the hang of the food, and really would like to just hold the spoon or toss the bowl. He's pretty quick!

2. I've started several digital scrapbooks... our last vacation (last December) and Dane's baby book.

3. Bodypump is getting easier...6 weeks and holding! I've taught "solo" for 2 weeks and can see some improvements in my confidence. Also the body is starting to show signs of TRANSFORMATION. I taped myself this week teaching....trying to do some "review" of my form and prepare for my "official" tape due next month.

4. Jackson started Preschool.... well, pre-preschool. It's called "Tiny Troopers" and he really is one! No issues for him that first day...Bye Mom was all I got!

5. Hubby starts swim lessons w/ Jackson this week-end...I'll be sure to post some pics.

So that's the grand sum of the last week...not crazy, but certainly busy just being mom. Some days I feel like I go from one diaper to the next feeding to the bath and never come up for air! One constant is my exercise outlet! The Mommy and Me class and now Bodypump are "soul food" for me! What a great "release" both physically and mentally for us moms! Take care of your you can be the GREAT wife and Mom God designed you to be!

Don't put it off....Get up and MOVE IT!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family FUN

We celebrated the holiday week-end in style! My mom and sis came over to visit on Saturday! That's right 4 BOYS in my house...CRAZY! They had a blast and nothing was broken...except for Jackson's heart when they went home Sunday.

We took ANOTHER trip back to the zoo on Monday at Jackson's request to see the ANIMALS!

THIS time Hubby and CAMERA are in tow!

Dane getting tired!

Jackson was getting brave to feed the goat crackers! Hubby carried little one around for the last half of our zoo trip!


Not sure which one is having more fun climbing the BIG SPIDER WEB! They stop to wave hi at us!


Getting a closer look at the TIGER!!

Remember to MOVE IT! Get up and GO!