Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike reaching Indiana

Mr. Blue eyes watching everyone work! It was a bit chilly!
Jackson loved "helping" rake the debris.

Working those biceps! What a man always trying to get some exercise in!

Jackson enlisted the wagon for limbs! Then he wanted to water them?

We had a Major Wind storm yesterday! Gust reached almost 60 mph, but mostly they averaged 30 mph. I can't even imagine what it must have been like down South in Texas! We lost 3 trees in our back yard, luckily they decided to fall away from the house and we didn't have any major damage. We were out of power for about 7 hours...and man how I take electricity for granted!
No tv, computer, lights, or microwave OUCH! We are so blessed to have these things and I forget how easily things can be taken from us! Be sure to count the "little things" that you use everyday!
We'll be getting for exercise in this week as we continue the clean up process! So you need to as well... GET UP AND MOVE IT!

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Andrea said...

Hey Christa,

Check out this link....

Stroller Skating!!! We need to try this!!!