Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where does the time go?

Does time just seem to fly by? It seems as if the last week has just slipped away from me. Sorry for the delay in posting...we had freinds in town on Friday night and then cooked dinner for another couple on Saturday night-lots of family time! Then the last few days have just flown by! So here's the latest and greatest in this mommy's life!

1. Dane can sit up!
Yes, he turned 6 months and we've started rice cereal! He's getting the hang of the food, and really would like to just hold the spoon or toss the bowl. He's pretty quick!

2. I've started several digital scrapbooks... our last vacation (last December) and Dane's baby book.

3. Bodypump is getting easier...6 weeks and holding! I've taught "solo" for 2 weeks and can see some improvements in my confidence. Also the body is starting to show signs of TRANSFORMATION. I taped myself this week teaching....trying to do some "review" of my form and prepare for my "official" tape due next month.

4. Jackson started Preschool.... well, pre-preschool. It's called "Tiny Troopers" and he really is one! No issues for him that first day...Bye Mom was all I got!

5. Hubby starts swim lessons w/ Jackson this week-end...I'll be sure to post some pics.

So that's the grand sum of the last week...not crazy, but certainly busy just being mom. Some days I feel like I go from one diaper to the next feeding to the bath and never come up for air! One constant is my exercise outlet! The Mommy and Me class and now Bodypump are "soul food" for me! What a great "release" both physically and mentally for us moms! Take care of your you can be the GREAT wife and Mom God designed you to be!

Don't put it off....Get up and MOVE IT!


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knitty bitty apparel said...

Hey Rox---don't you just love blogging---what a great daily/weekly journal to look back and reflect on. And, I'm not surprised you accomplished so much! You are awesome!!