Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family time!!!

This is a picture of my mom's side of the family...the KERBY's!!! We're known to have hot tempers, be a little outspoken, but most of all we are a LOVING family! We agree to disagree and love each other is spite of our differences. My mom has 1 brother, and 4 we all are with my cousins' (missing the oldest 3 which live WAY out of town) and my cousins' children! I have to think that our Mam-Maw and Pap-Paw are smiling down on us from heaven with what they've helped to create. What a GREAT family!!
My sis holding Mr. Crabby pants...actually Mr. Blue eyes was GREAT ALL DAY...even with those top teeth coming down!

Yet again, Jackson found a tractor to ride! My uncle Mike took us for a hay ride around their farm. Jackson was wanting to DRIVE it, but settled for a chance to sit and "pretend drive". He did love sitting on the trailer with all the hay! True FALL FUN!
How are you doing on the exercise? Just do it.... GET UP and MOVE IT today!!

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Collins Family said...

Family reunions are always fun. Glad to see a pic of Claudia I have not seen her since our class reunion. My how the family has grown with all the little ones huh. I hope Dane feels better soon teething is no fun!