Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family FUN

We celebrated the holiday week-end in style! My mom and sis came over to visit on Saturday! That's right 4 BOYS in my house...CRAZY! They had a blast and nothing was broken...except for Jackson's heart when they went home Sunday.

We took ANOTHER trip back to the zoo on Monday at Jackson's request to see the ANIMALS!

THIS time Hubby and CAMERA are in tow!

Dane getting tired!

Jackson was getting brave to feed the goat crackers! Hubby carried little one around for the last half of our zoo trip!


Not sure which one is having more fun climbing the BIG SPIDER WEB! They stop to wave hi at us!


Getting a closer look at the TIGER!!

Remember to MOVE IT! Get up and GO!

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knitty bitty apparel said...

You are really lucky nothing was broken---four boys sounds like trouble. And, loved the zoo pics---it will be even more fun once the weather gets a little cooler!