Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

My sister and her boys, along with our mom came for a
visit this week-end. We took the boys to a FREE splash park near by. It was Jackson's FIRST time going thru the water...before he always lingered close to me. Mason and Ryan held his hand and showed him the ropes!!
They LOVED it!!!!

Mom and Dane living it up in the shade.

Mason just "hanging around"!

Ryan or Monkey... Hard to Tell ?

Here's Jackson checking out those RED shoes... wouldn't look up for anything. Below is some video of him "Riding and Drinking". Not good...but it was hot out there!

So what are you waiting for...find that inner child and get up and MOVE!!! Play like there's no tomorrow. Have fun!!!

Lots of Love,


Friday, June 27, 2008


The Mommy and Me Class!
Missing a few today...but here are 15 of us and our little ones.This is the "hot mamma's" look after a GREAT workout...nothing like a little SWEAT!

Pictured to the Right are V and Daley with little ones Josie, Quen, and Miss Olivia!

Above we have Ashley...with 4 week old Brooklyn and Kiresten, Christine holding Stephanie, "Sparkles", FIRST timer Desary with little man, Carrie and Katie with their bundles of JOY!

To the Left.... Laura, me with Dane, Cynthia Bear with Andrew, Brandi, Suzanne and Jacob, Cynthia M with Adrainna and baby boy due in October, Carmen with Nila who's looking at Nicki (Superwoman) and little Eli.

We had another great class today...with a THRID consecutive 15 moms show up!! My challenge to them is 20 moms in a class by July 11th. It's possible... because there are about 30 in total who participate! As always it's hard to "line up" every one's busy schedule! We'll see.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Sorry... below post should be
it's that GENESIS wine!Roxy

Wine anyone?

What a day... after a fun filled morning at a mom2mom meeting, I faced the challenge of lunch and naps. We did a successful leftover baked ziti for lunch, and then it took Lighting McQueen's touch to help my "big boy" Jackson to be coxed into a slumber....on the couch no less. This left me with Dane's attempt to "FIGHT" his nap... which ended with him beside me in bed sleeping. Not certain who feel asleep first, but I think I really needed the extra Z's. ( not normal behavior for me, as my body usually jumps into hyper-"get things done" mode during nap... but today rest was a sweet companion).
Plus, I knew I'd need it for tonight!!!

Convienced that my relationship with hubby and father to my boys is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing, other than my relationship with Christ....I needed the extra Z's for tonight's Date night!
We went to a dinner and wine tasting at a local resturant! Lot's of fun....especially since we dined w/ friends...Miss Knitty Bitty Appareal was there (, in tow with hubby....great conversation and good food w/ wine. It's SO important to keep the wife/hubby relationship secure.... Lord knows, that it can be difficult w/ little ones, especially w/ a newborn and exhausted parents.
It was WONDERFUL to have time alone with hubby!! So, ask yourself ... WHEN was the LAST time I had ALONE time with my husband??? Not just in the bedroom?
Work toward that bi-weekly, if not weekly date night!! YOU CAN DO IT....even if it's just a walk and coffee break... INVEST in your children by SPENDING time with the love of your life. Happy kids is the RESULT of a HAPPY MARRIAGE!!!

OK.... so which wine did I like! Of course it was called GENESIS....a nice warm Merlot .... full of flavor with no hint of a dry aftertaste... YUM.... I ordered 2 bottles. (Discounted only tonight!)

Sleep well!
"Then the LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him." Genesis 2:18

Wake up and getting MOVING!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cold Stone CRAZY

Ok... the Coldstone Icecream shop probably thought "this lady is CRAZY!".

We had a VERY busy morning.... too much to discuss, but lots of things accomplished before 10am when I left the house in a frenzyto make TWO additional errands before getting to our final destination..... playdate at 11.
Anyway, after our PLAYDATE on the west-side of Evansville (with some "mommy and me" moms) I decided to head toward Coldstone to get those prized gift cards for the AMAZING 15 that showed up to class on Monday. Well..... just guess what happened???

Yes, that's right... BOTH BABIES SLEEPING when I pulled into the parking lot!!! Ok... I admit, this usually produces me dancing around and praising JESUS, but not at this momment!! I NEEDED TO BUY THOSE CARDS before tomorrow morning's class. You all know how it is to plan something in the morning before you have to be somewhere else on time... (not fun).... so what did I do????

Well... I can't say that I didn't consider just "running" in, but I didn't. It's a VOW that I made to myself after watching an episode on Oprah, and listening to several moms that did just that... and had FATAL outcomes. Don't want to shed tears tonight, so no details, but it's CHANGED my attitude on leaving my precious cargo behind... even just for a minute.

ANYWAY... this is the answer of the first sentence... THEY DID think I was a little crazy.
Thanks to hubby, I've got GPS in the car... which means you can find a POI (point of interest) and get the phone number, SO.... I typed in COLDSTONE the number, called them up... and said...
Here's the deal! I'm parked outside, with 2 sleeping babies, so I can't come in.... but I need to buy 15 gift cards for the "I like-it size" ice cream. (just the I like it size... remember MODERATION is KEY) They must have thought it was a prank, because they looked outside...yes I waived a hand and smiled. But in the end it worked out... they came and got the Debit card (Dave Ramsey credit cards), brought the bill and 15 gift cards out to me, and I tipped the gal for her time and said THANK YOU. Of course, by the time she got back w/ the receipt and cards.... Dane was in my lap nursing! ( She said WOW... can you sign the receipt?) I said, "OF course.... watch this.... I'm a MOM, I can do anything!", and gave her my John Henry. YES... all was covered... with the famous "HOOTER HIDER" .... I didn't want to give the impression that I WAS CRAZY!

Lot's of LOVE!!!

Get MOVING... don't put it off .... just do it! Call that mommy friend and get her going too!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Yummy Yummy

Dane showing us how to "work those abs"! He's supper strong and loves trying to keep "up" with Jackson! He's been "rolling" over for several weeks.... time is "flying"

Yummy Summer dessert!

I made this for a "colorful" not to mention healthy sweet ending to our dinner.


1 roll of cookie dough

8oz lowfat or fatfree cream cheese (let stand room temp)

1/2 cup sugar

2 "dallops" of light cool whip (maybe about 1/4c)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Roll out cookie dough onto GREASED pan, mix above ingredients until well blended (hand mixer works well), spread onto cookie dough, and top with favorite fruit. Shown here are sliced strawberries, grapes, and blueberries. YUMMY!!! Thanks goes to a "Mommy and Me-er" for turning us onto fruit pizza... just a slight veriation above.

Today was a GREAT day... two aerobics classes and energized! So AMAZING the Mommy and me had 26 attendees... that's 15 mommies and 11 babies! Those moms attending today won a "icecream gift card"... I challenged them to make 15 strong, and I'd treat them to an icecream. It took about a week and half, but they made it!!! All that sweat today DESERVES a nice cool reward.... for those not there today... try the above recipe for something Yummy!
Get UP and MOVE!!! Life is TOO short... use that body that GOD gave you!
"Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?"
1 Corinthians 3:16

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The more the Merrier!!

I had the task of watching my neighbor's girls for a few days while they were away on a trip. Mirah and Shelby... 13 and 11.... lots of HELP with my 2 year old and 3 month old. We snapped some photos to "capture" the fun filled days.
Learned several things... I don't think I could handle 4 kiddos.... maybe have reached the limit with 2. Girls like to TALK!!!! They don't know the best music ever... "80's" in fact we listened to the XM radio, and "I wear my sunglasses at night" came on... they loved it. Especially Miss Mirah, as she's ALWAYS sporting the White sunglasses. "They make me look tan!"

They braved the "Mommy and Me" class both days and survived. Too cute!! They "practiced" the routine on Tuesday so they could be sure to get the step moves right for Wednesday's class. I'm certain they both will be wonderful mommies in the DISTANT future... like 20 years!
Enjoy the pictures!
Get out and MOVE!!

Shelby holding Dane... too cute!

Dane is loving the Bumbo.... trying to be like Big Brother and sit up! Already 3 months... time flys.

Mirah posing with Dane. She loves those sunglasses!!!

Here's a few pics of the fathers in my life!

Finally figured out how to post some pictures. Here are some of the "FATHERs" in my life. Funny my dad had twin daughters, yes there's two of me in this world... and now he has 4 GRANDSONS!
A GREAT pose with Pap-Paw!!

My wonderful Hubby and our two little ones! Jackson is a "total" binky man. Dane could care less... more of a "momma" lover.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Hello to all!!! Wishing you the best this evening, and hoping you had a lovely Father's day. I'm very blessed to still have my father in my life... in fact, I just got off the phone with him. He lives 5 hours away in Lucasville OH... near my twin sister. He's such a wonderful man... simple in his needs, extremely intelligent, and so loving! Not to mention an AWESOME Pap-Paw to 4 grandsons!!! I realize that one day I won't be able to call him, and that although it's "FATHER's DAY", I need to make sure he knows how much I care for him EVERY day. This is just a special reminder day to help get everyone back on track.

My hubby had a good day... STRAWBERRY PIE and all... in fact I made 2. Betty Cr ocker watch out! Really.... I cooked 2 meals today... that's probably no big deal to many of you... but we're usually on the go, and eat away from home a lot on the week-ends. It was nice to just be at home, eat the food prepared with love, and enjoy our back yard. It was VERY YUMMY!

Jackson had a great visit with Mam-Maw... and almost had a fit this morning when she left. I wanted to cry to, because she's such a big help for me... and we all have those "I want my mommy" moments! So glad she came to visit... only about 2 1/2 hours away, but works full time and has a HUGE yard... 12 acres... so back to the tractor today to mow.

Anyway.... better try to get some sleep... Little Dane is out after a battle, and I'm CERTAIN he'll be up in a few short hours. Last night, I had to stop and wonder... of all the moms in the world how many were up with me at 1 and 4am? I reminded myself this season shall pass soon... it's just while you're in the trenches it's hard to see the sunshine....but I tried to take a few deep breaths, and cherish him in my arms.... snuggled and protected by my side!

Sweet dreams and GOD bless!

Don't forget your HEAVENLY father tonight... say a little THANK you before sleep takes you to dreamland.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Rainy day

What a rainy day.... but not for these would we know to enjoy the sunshine?

Class was a little small this morning... most hibernating and staying in with the their little ones. But what a great day to work out any strsses from the week before heading into the week-end? I've come to depend on my weekly doses of "Mommy and Me" class! There's no other way to "hangout" with fellow moms, sweat, stimulate the brain cells, and have fun all at the same time! We had a good time and worked those muscles today... my little Dane slept the entire class, but was ready to eat just as class was ending...some days work out better than others. Maybe it was God's way of giving me a little breather after the one I had yesterday! Never more than I can handle...Right?.... I'm sure we've all been there...wondering if we'll survive another hour....we'll I gave it up to HIM and said HELP!! He's always there... even when we don't hear's that still quietness that allows his voices to linger in! Sometimes we don't want to "burden" our friends with our "bad mommy days", but that's not the case... GOD gives us each other to lean on! He's places us across many different paths... friendships are to be treasured like gold.... and that is another reason why I love "Mommy and Me". These ladies are so special! So happy to see more new faces coming to class... we need to keep reaching out and bring more mommies to share in the fun!

Here's a neat verse.

Let love of the brethren continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:1-2

Well not much planned for the week-end...of course it's Father's day on Sunday...and I'll attempt to make my hubby a STRAWBERRY PIE! His only request. Mam-Maw is coming to visit... Jackson's on "HIGH GEAR" awaiting her arrival. Enjoy your family.

Keep you posted.

Lot's of SUNSHINE,


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another day at the Gym

Good Afternoon....
First time trying this "blog" idea...
I'm a stay at home....well I don't really ever stay at home, I'm always on the go. Mommy to Jackson 2 1/2 and Dane 3 months. My education is in nutrition, licensed and regesitered dietitian, but my passion has become motivation other moms! Almost 2 years ago I started a "Mommy and Me" aerobics class at the local YMCA, and it has been a TRUE blessing! After being a "die hard" career women, then staying home after my first son... I needed to be connected with other moms, and have a sense of PURPOSE in my life. Yes, of course my family is priority, but I "needed" to feel like I was "helping or giving" back to this world in some way. I think it was GOD's way of saying do "this". Anyway... it's been a wonderful success, and the ladies that particpate are simply AWESOME! They give me focus and help my weeks or days when I need a lift.... the class is a GREAT physical and mental release, and what a wonderful way to connect and fellowship with other mommies. Not to mention exercise with my little one! I actually taught class up til 2 days prior to having Dane!!! ( I didn't start teaching until Jackson was 8 months old.)

Hope to keep you company and motivate you to get moving and loving on other moms!!
aka Roxy