Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Hello to all!!! Wishing you the best this evening, and hoping you had a lovely Father's day. I'm very blessed to still have my father in my life... in fact, I just got off the phone with him. He lives 5 hours away in Lucasville OH... near my twin sister. He's such a wonderful man... simple in his needs, extremely intelligent, and so loving! Not to mention an AWESOME Pap-Paw to 4 grandsons!!! I realize that one day I won't be able to call him, and that although it's "FATHER's DAY", I need to make sure he knows how much I care for him EVERY day. This is just a special reminder day to help get everyone back on track.

My hubby had a good day... STRAWBERRY PIE and all... in fact I made 2. Betty Cr ocker watch out! Really.... I cooked 2 meals today... that's probably no big deal to many of you... but we're usually on the go, and eat away from home a lot on the week-ends. It was nice to just be at home, eat the food prepared with love, and enjoy our back yard. It was VERY YUMMY!

Jackson had a great visit with Mam-Maw... and almost had a fit this morning when she left. I wanted to cry to, because she's such a big help for me... and we all have those "I want my mommy" moments! So glad she came to visit... only about 2 1/2 hours away, but works full time and has a HUGE yard... 12 acres... so back to the tractor today to mow.

Anyway.... better try to get some sleep... Little Dane is out after a battle, and I'm CERTAIN he'll be up in a few short hours. Last night, I had to stop and wonder... of all the moms in the world how many were up with me at 1 and 4am? I reminded myself this season shall pass soon... it's just while you're in the trenches it's hard to see the sunshine....but I tried to take a few deep breaths, and cherish him in my arms.... snuggled and protected by my side!

Sweet dreams and GOD bless!

Don't forget your HEAVENLY father tonight... say a little THANK you before sleep takes you to dreamland.

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