Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wine anyone?

What a day... after a fun filled morning at a mom2mom meeting, I faced the challenge of lunch and naps. We did a successful leftover baked ziti for lunch, and then it took Lighting McQueen's touch to help my "big boy" Jackson to be coxed into a slumber....on the couch no less. This left me with Dane's attempt to "FIGHT" his nap... which ended with him beside me in bed sleeping. Not certain who feel asleep first, but I think I really needed the extra Z's. ( not normal behavior for me, as my body usually jumps into hyper-"get things done" mode during nap... but today rest was a sweet companion).
Plus, I knew I'd need it for tonight!!!

Convienced that my relationship with hubby and father to my boys is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing, other than my relationship with Christ....I needed the extra Z's for tonight's Date night!
We went to a dinner and wine tasting at a local resturant! Lot's of fun....especially since we dined w/ friends...Miss Knitty Bitty Appareal was there (, in tow with hubby....great conversation and good food w/ wine. It's SO important to keep the wife/hubby relationship secure.... Lord knows, that it can be difficult w/ little ones, especially w/ a newborn and exhausted parents.
It was WONDERFUL to have time alone with hubby!! So, ask yourself ... WHEN was the LAST time I had ALONE time with my husband??? Not just in the bedroom?
Work toward that bi-weekly, if not weekly date night!! YOU CAN DO IT....even if it's just a walk and coffee break... INVEST in your children by SPENDING time with the love of your life. Happy kids is the RESULT of a HAPPY MARRIAGE!!!

OK.... so which wine did I like! Of course it was called GENESIS....a nice warm Merlot .... full of flavor with no hint of a dry aftertaste... YUM.... I ordered 2 bottles. (Discounted only tonight!)

Sleep well!
"Then the LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him." Genesis 2:18

Wake up and getting MOVING!!