Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cold Stone CRAZY

Ok... the Coldstone Icecream shop probably thought "this lady is CRAZY!".

We had a VERY busy morning.... too much to discuss, but lots of things accomplished before 10am when I left the house in a frenzyto make TWO additional errands before getting to our final destination..... playdate at 11.
Anyway, after our PLAYDATE on the west-side of Evansville (with some "mommy and me" moms) I decided to head toward Coldstone to get those prized gift cards for the AMAZING 15 that showed up to class on Monday. Well..... just guess what happened???

Yes, that's right... BOTH BABIES SLEEPING when I pulled into the parking lot!!! Ok... I admit, this usually produces me dancing around and praising JESUS, but not at this momment!! I NEEDED TO BUY THOSE CARDS before tomorrow morning's class. You all know how it is to plan something in the morning before you have to be somewhere else on time... (not fun).... so what did I do????

Well... I can't say that I didn't consider just "running" in, but I didn't. It's a VOW that I made to myself after watching an episode on Oprah, and listening to several moms that did just that... and had FATAL outcomes. Don't want to shed tears tonight, so no details, but it's CHANGED my attitude on leaving my precious cargo behind... even just for a minute.

ANYWAY... this is the answer of the first sentence... THEY DID think I was a little crazy.
Thanks to hubby, I've got GPS in the car... which means you can find a POI (point of interest) and get the phone number, SO.... I typed in COLDSTONE creamery....got the number, called them up... and said...
Here's the deal! I'm parked outside, with 2 sleeping babies, so I can't come in.... but I need to buy 15 gift cards for the "I like-it size" ice cream. (just the I like it size... remember MODERATION is KEY) They must have thought it was a prank, because they looked outside...yes I waived a hand and smiled. But in the end it worked out... they came and got the Debit card (Dave Ramsey groupie...no credit cards), brought the bill and 15 gift cards out to me, and I tipped the gal for her time and said THANK YOU. Of course, by the time she got back w/ the receipt and cards.... Dane was in my lap nursing! ( She said WOW... can you sign the receipt?) I said, "OF course.... watch this.... I'm a MOM, I can do anything!", and gave her my John Henry. YES... all was covered... with the famous "HOOTER HIDER" .... I didn't want to give the impression that I WAS CRAZY!

Lot's of LOVE!!!

Get MOVING... don't put it off .... just do it! Call that mommy friend and get her going too!



knitty bitty apparel said...

ha ha too funny!

Stephanie said...

you are hilarious. really, between steven libbs and cold stone you are out of control!!! the next thing i know you are going to be doing your target shopping from you car!

Andrea said...

Thanks again for the gift card! You REALLY shouldn't have. I swore I wouldn't have ice cream after my birthday. Maybe if it's sugar free it won't count...??!