Friday, June 27, 2008


The Mommy and Me Class!
Missing a few today...but here are 15 of us and our little ones.This is the "hot mamma's" look after a GREAT workout...nothing like a little SWEAT!

Pictured to the Right are V and Daley with little ones Josie, Quen, and Miss Olivia!

Above we have Ashley...with 4 week old Brooklyn and Kiresten, Christine holding Stephanie, "Sparkles", FIRST timer Desary with little man, Carrie and Katie with their bundles of JOY!

To the Left.... Laura, me with Dane, Cynthia Bear with Andrew, Brandi, Suzanne and Jacob, Cynthia M with Adrainna and baby boy due in October, Carmen with Nila who's looking at Nicki (Superwoman) and little Eli.

We had another great class today...with a THRID consecutive 15 moms show up!! My challenge to them is 20 moms in a class by July 11th. It's possible... because there are about 30 in total who participate! As always it's hard to "line up" every one's busy schedule! We'll see.

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