Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beat your drums...and flex those friendship muscles!

I got Jackson "beating his drums"....which he got out of my kitchen. At first, I thought of correcting him, then paused, and noticed there was NO HARM in him "beating his drums".
We all need to "beat our on drums" every now and then. ESPECIALLY as a wife and mother you need to take that time to care yourself....which also means nuturing your friendships.
Just because we are wives, and mothers, doesn't mean that we're Not STILL WOMEN! What do we need? We need our friends!! GOD wants us to have fellowship with others, and not only lean on him but our FRIENDS. How can you do this if you don't ever make them a PRIORITY? Don't be the wife or mom that when the children leave they have NO-one to talk to!!! WHY? Because they didn't take the TIME to nuture themselves as women...building those relationships with friends and husbands!!!
" A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones." Provebs 17:22

So what are you waiting for... Pick up the phone, email, or drive over to her house... PLAN an evening or lunch date minus kiddos! TALK ABOUT YOURSELEVES and not just the kiddos! NUTRURE your FRIENDSHIPS!



steph said...

how stinkin' cute is he! i love that kid! i will try to remember to bring over bri's drum tomorrow. she even has a guitar and maracas. love the video! i'm overdue to post a video. i keep trying to get bri to sing a Bible song but when the camera is rolling she runs!

knitty bitty apparel said...

So very true! How about next weekend ; - )

Collins Family said...

He is too cute!