Monday, August 4, 2008



This is just a little reminder to LISTEN to your body! Be in tuned with your body so that you can take care of it! Today, after teaching 2 aerobics classes....I had the LONG "to-do" list in my mind, but with both babies sleeping I decided to fore-go the "chores". I LISTENED to my body telling me to REST! Yes, it a guilty feeling at first.... when my mind wants me to PUSH PUSH and do everything I can while they sleep. BUT we need to STOP and realize what's most IMPORTANT...our health! The dishes, or unfolding laundry, or crumbly floor (by the high chair) WILL WAIT! Don't place yourself on the pedestal and try to be QUEEN of ALL THINGS! We are NOT! We are HUMAN! Let the spirit work in you, and LISTEN when you need to REST!!
"Then Peter and the apostles replied, WE must obey God rather than men." Acts 5:25

Remember we are no good to anyone else when we're TIRED and CRANKY. Just like a 2 year old...we can become IRRATIONAL when not rested. So...the next time your BODY whispers..."Nap"....or SCREAMS "NAP"....LISTEN and respond.

Blessings! NOW GET UP AND MOVE IT after that nap!

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steph said...

i'm sure you're getting some much needed rest right now, but i'm busting at the gut to tell you that your thank you gift is finished. let's just say that you will love me! hee! hee! i'm up to no good! hint: it wears a green label...hmmmm...i wonder what it could be?!?!?