Wednesday, December 3, 2008

PJ Fun

The boys got in their PJ's a little early tonight...and decided to have some fun. Here Dane is starting to show Jackson the ropes of what it's going to be like.

Hope all is well with each of you! Did you get back in the exercise groove? Be sure to stay healthy this holiday season... it's the BEST GIFT you can give yourself!
Take care!

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Andrea said...

Ah, they look adorable! Don't you just love a great pair of PJ's?!

Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

Love the pj pics---they look so comfy. They need matching Christmas ones for Christmas morning ;-)

Roxy said...

Yes...we've got "reindeer" matching ones... these were the only 2 clean pair left...hence I'm drowning in piles of laundry...home from BP this am...but gonna hit ZUMBA at noon!

Andrea said...

Thanks, I missed you all too! I can't wait to be back on Fridays...hopefully in a few months!! I probably won't make it to bp sat am...getting off work late, it just doesn't work. BUT, i will be back strong next week... we leave Tuesday the 16th for I'll see you a time or two before we go :)