Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Country Christmas

We headed south to Nashville this week-end to spend some time enjoying a "Country Christmas"! The Gaylord Opryland hotel is AMAZING and at Christmas time it is just an AWESOME sight. We enjoyed all the Christmas decorations from beautiful lights, flowers, to music-fountain shows. You have to put this on your "to do" list...if you go...see a show. They always have a live musical, play,or a ROCKETTE show. We didn't take advantage of this...not happening with little ones, but I'm sure all were GREAT!
Enjoy the pictures.
Oh, and YES I did exercise this week-end. I taught BP on Saturday morning BEFORE we headed south, and of course the hotel is so huge we probably walked 2 miles. What did you do? Get on it...those holiday treats will add up if you don't!

15 story high Christmas Tree with 42,000 lights! 25th Country Christmas Tree!

Got Chocolate? Jackson had just a little too much...this is what a 2 year looks like after a "solo" ice cream adventure!

Let me go!! I gotta catch up with Brother!

What? Santa? Where? Over there.... Try getting them to face the camera? Yeah Right!

If you stop by...leave a note... I just love comments...don't you? Plus I'd really like to know if you're trying to keep up with that exercise regimen!

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Andrea said...

Looks like fun, and what a great family adventure!

My exercise?! Walking around the hospital, Kohls, and Target all weekend. Does that count ;)

Roxy said...

Of course! The hospital is a good place...try doing the stairs on lunch break. and the shopping...always park FAR away from the door to get some extra walking in!!!
But you better get some real sweat in while your visiting AZ! Hope to see you before you go!

Hipmomofboyz said...

I love your blog!!! What a great picture of the tree! My exercise????? Can I get back to you on that one?

Ladybird said...

I haven't made it to the Opryland Hotel this year, but it is always one of my favorite holiday things to do. Wonderful pictures and really cute blog!

Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

Love the cute pics---and a nice family one---even if the kids aren't looking. NO exercising me this past weekend---a lot of eating though ;-)

steph said...

Mind-blowing! ;) Exercise...wait let me ask Webster...let's see...baking, eating, oh and then there's that holiday party...riiiight.

Stephanie Duncan said...

Looks like you had a good time in Nashville. Wish hubby, Carson, and I could do something like that. There never seems to be enough time. Carson is 6 months next week. I'm hoping I will get my butt in the gym more once he can go to child watch. That is the goal anyway. Maybe I'll see ya tomorrow!

Roxy said...

We miss you!! Hope to see you in the am...also try to make the Christmas EVe's gonna be GREAT...10-12 and nothing but sweat! Can you come to the holiday gathering on Monday?