Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kramer Christmas

Sorry for the lack of posts...both kiddos got sick over the holiday...Jackson with Strep Throat and Dane with an ear infection. Both got "bumble gum flavored" AMoxicillin...and love it. Thank goodness for flavorings...both are already feeling 100% better. WE're off to celebrate the New tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures of the Kramer Christmas.

Me-Me and Aunt Tammie looking at the "photo book".

"Farmer Stan" per Jackson... he got some lottery tickets and was VERY EXCITED!

Tyler holding Dane.

Hubby trying out Guitar Hero.

Jackson loves to play "hospital" he's got the tools.

The Three Amigos...we each got a vest from Tammie. THANKS!

Hope you've been exercising!!! Tomorrow's a NEW YEAR...start it off RIGHT and get some exercise in!

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