Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Time

Dad and I trying to get a good "standing" picture of Dane.

Jackson with Mam-Maw watching a "funny movie". (Madagascar....he literally was belly-laughing!)

Morgan holding Dane! How precious!

Jackson loving on Courtney!

Now he's playing "tackle" with her.

Hubby and Dane posing for a quick picture.

What fun! From Thursday to today we've been blessed with being able to see family. Dinner went well last night...everything was glad I did BP yesterday help balance out that chocolate dessert. Hope you enjoyed your FAMILY TIME!

Now let's get back on the band-wagon... Exercise anyone?

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Andrea said...

Yes! Can't wait for some exercise! I'm sure you'll have us workin hard tomorrow...

Looks like you had fun with the fam...enjoy the rest of your weekend and we'll see you tomorrow!

knitty bitty apparel said...

Enjoyed seeing the family pics and so glad to hear all went well---see you in the a.m. ;-)