Thursday, November 6, 2008

My heart melts

(almost a year much he has grown)

What can I say? To those fellow moms out there with sons...grab a tissue. Has your little one done this?
Last night we were laying on the couch(hubby, Jackson, and I) watching DANCING with the STARS results show and Jackson literally MELTED my heart.
He was laying toward me with his head on hubby's leg and looked up into my eyes and said, "Momma you are so BEAUTIFUL!". I smiled from the inside out and said "Thank you Jackson"!!! He simply stated, "you're welcome". Then paused for a few minutes...watched a little tv and turned toward me again and said, "Momma you're SO pretty!". WOW! What a direct hit to the heart...I stopped and just scooped him up and told him how much I loved him and thanked him for his kind words! I know his words are not just connected to the physical sense of beatuy, but rather the love that I show him. What an amazing feeling to have the knowledge that he is beginning to understand the depth of my affection for him, and that he is reciporating his love.
Talk about good medicine...everyone could use a daily dose of admiration. Especially us moms who sometimes can forget that our job of raising little ones WILL pay off.
So continue your march of motherhood and know that your love for those little ones will go a LONG LONG way to building great kids!

Hope you got the chance to sweat today! If not...MOVE it in the morning!


steph said...

warn me next time will ya? just kidding! that is the sweetest thing EVER! you are so so so blessed to have a house full of boys who love you to the core! it's no wonder you are always wearing such a beautiful smile:) love you dear friend:)

Roxy said...

You're welcome...but many thanks to you and yours!
God had a plan when he placed us on that street together.