Friday, November 21, 2008


Don't you just love little "snippets" of inspiration? I do! Church signs, businesses..anywhere that someone else is trying to change the world one sign at a time! So take the advice...make it your goal to DO ACTS of kindness this week and "Receive Thankfulness". I bet you'll have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving if you do. Funny that it really is BETTER to GIVE than receive. Try it!!

Anyone for Bodypump this week-end? Find a class or just go WALK. The mall is a great alternative for the CRISPY COLD weather. GO FOR IT...get that extra workout in... I'm warning week will BITE you in the bottom! Better go ahead and finish off this week on a positve end and get that last workout in! Good luck!
Let me know some of those acts of THANKFULNESS...share in the ideas and fun!

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knitty bitty apparel said...

YES---we'll be there in the morning---all bright and cheery at 8:o5---only losers are LATE ;-)

Roxy said...

and of course you're not a loser!
MIA 2 classes this week...3 might make you a loser.
Hope the pedi's were GREAT

ruby said...

Looks like you've already done what the sign says:) Thanks, Rox, for all of your help and the yummy pumpkin goodness! Like the new alter ego? See you later:)

Collins Family said...

Love the new look!