Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterns Day

yes, today is the day that if you don't ever say "THANK you" to those that serve our country... this would be a GREAT day for it!
I can't help myself that when I see a service person( don't forget those ladies) that I almost make a bee-line for them. I look them straight in the eye and say THANK YOU for serving our country!!! This is especially true for those veterans of WWII and various other wars that fill our past! Can you imagine what they went through? Can you imagine what our service men and women ARE going through? I can't! It boggles my mind that they have stood death in the face and pushed foward, all in the name of country!! How wonderful is that???...what determination and courage...what strength and faith!
So...HAPPY VETERANS day to all those whom currently and who have served this GREAT country! Thank you for defending our FREEDOM!
If you don't know a veteran or service person...shoot over to www.mcbeautifullife.blogspot.com Her husband is away in Iraq defending our country...let's give her and her family some KUDOS!
And maybe, just maybe, that next time you see an older man sporting a WWII hat, or Vietnam Vet, or ANY service person in uniform... you'll think twice, and be that person....Walk over and say THANK YOU!!

Move It,


steph said...

Thanks Rox! You are the best! Really and truly the best ever! You have been a HUGE encouragement to me on a DAILY basis:) I thank God everyday for you and all that you have and are doing for my family. God is surely smiling upon you!

knitty bitty apparel said...

Nicely said---good for YOU!!