Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Can you say "CRAZY HAIR"? Here a few pics from Sunday heading to church. I just happened to have the camera in tow and had to steal these shots of Jackson. He had just pulled off his hat and the result is CRAZY HAIR!

Needless to say, we did get his haircut on Monday after aerobics! Now he's just got a "shorter" spike! He looked in the mirror after the cut and smiled. Yes, he knows that he's CUTE!

Other things... How are you all doing? Exercising? It's getting colder!!! Better get a move on it this week! Try to sneak in some extra cardio this week in preparation for those extra calories next week. Not to mention potential "missed" workouts. I know... Thursday and Friday will be hard days to make it to the gym. So DO IT THIS WEEK! Leave me a comment and let me know what you did? Example BODYPUMP today...burned about 450 calories! Also... be thinking of who inspires you? It's a good thing to "recieve" such praise. You might want to send a note to that special someone. I got my "boost" from here today.

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Andrea said...

Congrats on the "official" Bodypump certification. As if there were ever any doubts ;)

And I'm STILL sore from Tuesday! I was dying today during the 2nd half of the routine with the squats and hams and UGGH! It's a good pain though! I'm going to bodypump in the am to hopefully work some of this soreness out!

Roxy said...

Thanks...me to...hoping to see you at BP in the am.

knitty bitty apparel said...

Like the crazy hair pics, and yes, he is that cute ;-) Wish I could join you for bp, but too much to do....so much for procrastinating!!!

steph said...

yeah, i'd like to join you for bp too, but for real you'd get perfect attendance from us if you just passed out free antibiotics. seriously. no for real, you have an awesome class!