Thursday, January 8, 2009


Where to start???? You want to become FIT, Fierce, and FABULOUS- but HOW do you accomplish this tall task!
Well... it helps to have a PLAN with some GOALS. You can not MOVE mountains in a day, but you can begin to chip it away creating your path to a NEW YOU!!!

I'm starting a FIT, FIERCE, and FABULOUS challenge with my Mommy and Me class and thought you might want to join in the fun!

Below is a SMART Goal sheet- use it! Choose 3 goals- one for each aspect of your life (physical, mental, and spiritual) then fill out the sheet helping you map a way to success. It can BE ANYTHING!!!
Example- workout 4 days per wk, memorize a bible verse each week, 2 date nights/ month w/ hubby. YOU make it yours!! If your picking weight loss...remember 1 pound per week is a good goal. So have at it!!!

Tell someone about your goals...friend, sister, hubby, Me...anyone to help you stay accountable! We CAN DO THIS!!!
This will be the 1st quarter...we'll re=evaluate each 3 months. Good luck! Leave me a note and let me know your IN!!

Be SMART about Goal Setting.
Research shows that adopting a healthy habit like exercise can be as tough as breaking an unhealthy one like smoking! Follow this method when writing your goal:

Specific: Define precisely what you want to accomplish. 'Lose some weight' is too general. Lose 5 lbs is more specific.
I RESOLVE TO____________________________

This is WHY I want to achieve this________________________________

Measurable: Effective goals can be measured, so there's no question as to whether you've achieved them. One example would be to successfully complete a 5K walk/run. DEFINE objectively HOW you will KNOW when you've attained your goal.

Action-Oriented: List at least 5 specific tasks that will help you achieve this goal:
These actions/people can help me achieve my goal:

Realistic: Confirm the belief that the goal is indeed possible._____________

Time Bound. Set a deadline for reaching the goal!
March 20th for our first quarter INCENTIVE!

Fill this out and make a copy for yourself it where you can SEE IT AND BE REMINDED OF YOUR GOAL! Also, send a copy via email to me, so I can help encourage you toward success!
Pick ANY GOAL....just use the above behavior modification to help!

Let me know what you think!!

I just got me new issue of FITNESS magazine and it has some GREAT healthy recipes and exercise tips. Check it out at
I tried one out last night Thai Peanut Noodle bowl it was DELISH! Humm... that's an idea... we'll start a Healthy RECIPE of the week. If you've got one you'd like to share just leave a comment or email me! ( Could get you a Dietitian "live-it" plan just for you!!)
Hope you hop on the FIT, Fierce, and FABULOUS train with us!

To GreaT Health!

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Andrea said...

I want you to know...I am STILL sore from Tuesday!!! I could not move last night.....i felt my chest, my quads, glutes, name it. I am still hobbling around today.

Also...I am 4 days off Diet Coke. I know that everything is ok in moderation--but I was not able to moderate my intake very well. So bye-bye coke! I feel great this week though!

Stephanie Duncan said...

I plan to be in class this morning. In desperate need of a good workout. I'm definitely in for being fit, fierce, and fabulous this year! I want to try out bodypump and zumba in the near future. Maybe I will work it in next week.

Andrea said...

I would be in class tomorrow morning--but I have a hair appt at 9:00!!! Personal time!! Yay! I probably shouldn't go in there a sweaty mess. Planning on hitting the gym that pm when Liv's napping. Yesterday, Liv had a fever or I would've been at bp again. Trying to get there twice a week! Look to March for me to be back at M&M all three days!!!

Roxy said...

Andrea... I LOVE THE NEW picture!! ENJOY the hair appointment...but I recently read in Fitness magazine that 30% SKIP a workout after getting their hair done...don't be a stastic (?sp) ha ha
Missed you Today... don't work too hard.