Friday, October 24, 2008

BOO at the Zoo

What a GREAT way to do "Halloween"! Two of my friends and I, along with our kiddos braved the chilly October night to do "BOO at the ZOO"! We had so much FUN! The zoo was decked out with decorations and lots of "candy stops" dotted the trail. Plus the kiddos got to view some animals...not just those behind the cages, but the costumes as well. Not to mention the zoo has lots of hills and it's a GREAT way to add some EXTRA EXERCISE IN! Then you can have some candy and not feel guilty! "BOO at the ZOO" is certain to become 'the Kramer boys' annual Halloween event. We'll have to tug along the hubbies next time!
Added bonus... The local news was there to do a story on "Boo at the Zoo", and I was chosen to "interview". So famous mommy and her little BUZZ-LIGHT year with Chicken Little side-kick were on tv tonight!
Enjoy the kiddos... I made a quick video of some pictures!
Spider man- Quen, Fairy Princess- Josie....and "Cow girl" Bri was always trailing behind...then it got too dark. Steph did you get a few pictures? Send them my way!

What are you doing for Halloween? Does it involve some walking? Be sure to get some extra "CALORIE BURNING" moves in or that candy will show up on the scale!!! MODERATION is key...and EXERCISE is ESSENTIAL!
Move it,


steph said...

Boooo, my pics are TERRIBLE...poor bri is always facing away from the camera! I will be sure to get some before we have to retire the cowgirl costume. Hopefully it will last us another week:) She's getting so TALL!

knitty bitty apparel said...

Love the smilebox---I should post mine too ;-)