Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fellow Mom and her new book!

You've got to check out this fit momma! She's a GREAT resource and has a new book coming out on Saturday! This looks like an AWESOME read if your looking for some "mommy" time alone and need a good read. Check it out at CAMI's BLOG!
She also has a great fitness be sure to find the link from her book blog. Or just scroll over to my followers and look for Cami!
I think a target trip is in my plans for next week...this will be in the shopping cart!
Don't forget your workouts....are you getting them in????
I've ran twice this week (3 miles and 4miles with an average of 8:35-8:55/per), taught 2 cardio classes and 1 Bodypump...and attended Bodypump tonight! More to come in the next few days....thinking Sunday will be a day of worship and REST!

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Mighty M said...

It has been almost 90 in our house for a few days. My workouts have suffered a little this week. But not much. :-)

Cami Checketts said...

Thanks for the plug, Roxy. I've got you entered in the contest.

You're doing much better than me. We went to the beach last week and all I did was look for the next thing to put in my mouth! Back on track now.

Hope you got some rest,

Cami Checketts said...


I just got word that the book is in bookstores now, but won't be in other stores until the end of the month. I didn't want you going to Target and searching forever! If you call and ask when they're getting it in that would help speed the process.