Saturday, September 26, 2009

11 miles and counting!

Today I pushed my body to the keep running when you want to stop is a TOTAL MENTAL SUCCESS!
11 miles today...the longest distance I've ever done and just 2.1 miles SHY of the GOAL! Our half Marathon is in 2 weeks, and I now know that I can push past the "road blocks". What an AMAZING 11 weeks this has been of training. The fact that I've commitment ed myself to running 3 days a week for that long is incredible. Especially because I always LOATHED running! I still can't say I love it, more so I RESPECT the determination running requires. It is totally a SELF must push YOURSELF and not relay on others like in aerobics. Today I conquered it!!

SO here's to today....those LONG 11 staying strong and giving it up to GOD and the strength he so graciously gives me! THANK YOU!!
Now What Are You waiting for?!?!?
Get up and...

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I'm tellin' ya, if I can do it then so can YOU! You rock!