Monday, October 5, 2009


It's been a CRAZY last 4 days. Just back from the WINDY CITY last night. I went to MIDWEST MANIA with 2 other aerobics instructors! WE had a blast!!! Your thinking what is MIDWEST MANIA! Well it basicaly is a AEROBICS CONVENTION...yes...3 days of NON-STOP workouts!!! CRAZY COOL...or shall I say HOT HOT HOT! There were so many different types of classes to choose many fun NEW THINGS to do....and challenge my class with. I was a KID in a CANDY store!
Slanted riser step, circuit workouts, BOUNCE class, BODY ATTACK, Salsa on the step, Pilates Reformer on the Mat, Partner play, gliding discs, etc.... such fun!

So what' new with your workout?

6 days and counting til my first that's CRAZY!

Have a great week,

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Mighty M said...

I am sure you are all ready to run too! Nothing is new with my workouts!! I'm boring! :-)