Monday, October 19, 2009

YOU have to FIGHT!!!

That's have to FIGHT!!! FIGHT the urge not stop, to push yourself further each day, each workout, to not quit on a new project, and FIGHT to become FIT, FIERCE, and FABULOUS self!!! YOU CAN'T STOP....don't let that small little voice be the stop of you....FIGHT to win the BATTLE!!
What am I talking about....the FIGHT of LIFE...ANYTHING you do. There is a WIN or LOSE...losing is NOT an option.

I'm doing another "incentive" with the mommy and me class. Everyone has to make 3 goals...1 for mind, body, and spirit. (total fitness is only conquered with wholeness) 6 weeks is our deadline!
They must workout out at LEAST 3 days a week, complete their goals, and then their name will be placed in the drawing. The PRIZE of course is POSITIVE CHANGE in their lives, but we also have a "goodie basket". Everyone is adding something to the "basket"...whatever their talent is. WE've got some GREAT far 30 ladies have signed up!
My goals are
Body- RUN 3 times a week- 5 miles EACH!! (hoping to maintian the "runner" fitness)
Mind- COMPLETE my digital scrapbook from last year and have a MOM's night out twice
SPIRIT- read "Daily bread" each day.

I tell you this because yesterday I started my goals....and I HAD TO FIGHT the FIGHT!! Yes, I didn't want to run...but made myself do it...solo at that...and during the run I wanted to stop at mile 3...REALLY want to stop and walk... BUT I DIDN'T!!! I PUSHED, I FOUHT, I PRAYED...and I CONQUERED!! MENTAL STRENGTH is half the battle... SO DON't GIVE UP!!!
EACH DAY is a new day! Keep going!!

What are your goals for wholeness this fall????

Now go...

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Mighty M said...

I want to work on being more consistent with strength training. If I have to choose I always choose cardio, so I don't fit it in as much as I should. It is also hard because we've been under the weather and it is so much harder to get up and get going! Yay to you for fighting the fight!