Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday Fun

Birthday kisses...before posing for Jay!

Jackson wanted in the picture...but wouldn't stay still!

Turning 35 and loving it!!

I've decided age is just a number of years that reflects the amount of experiences you've been exposed to!
Therefore, why do women pout and hate turning another year older??? Not me!! I'm EMBRACING this life and body that GOD gave me...adding up all the experiences!
Including this one that hubby gave me for my birthday!!

We went on a great date with amazing food and a view of the Ohio River. Then on to LORD of the DANCE!! Can't believe actually got us tickets without any prompting from me!!!

So... don't fall prey to BIRTHDAY BLUES!! CELEBRATE!!!
EAT right, drink more water...and red moderation, and EXERCISE!! This will help you stay in shape and make you feel and look A LOT YOUNGER than your "life experiences number"!!
Happy sweating!

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Cassie said...

You look awesome! Happy Birthday!

Mighty M said...

Love your outfit! What a wonderful birthday!! :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Happy birthday! what an awesome outfit~!