Friday, April 30, 2010

Derby Half Marathon

I hail from KENTUCKY! DERBY TIME is the best!! This year hubby and I kick started the Derby festival by running the half marathon! We "weaved" in and out of thousands of people....15,000 runners strong! Lots of fun! Here are a few pictures...ordered some but they won't be here for a few weeks!

Be sure to watch the DERBY tomorrow afternoon! If you've never been there...add it to your BUCKET LIST! DERBY is AMAZING!!

Sweat some this week-end!

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Mighty M said...

Did I tell you I am signed up to do a half-marathon in October? :) I will probably walk most of it though...

I went to the horse races when I was a kid and one of the horses had a horrific accident and it's hoof was just hanging by a thread....and we knew what was gonna happen to that poor horse. Not sure I could go back after that. But I DO watch on TV sometimes and it can be very exciting!