Thursday, March 24, 2011

NESTING has started

Finishing up the nursery .... awaiting the FINAL paint design...hence the furniture is on "hold mode" at the store...slowly finding some pink clothes...realizing there is lots of things to buy from PINK BLANKETS, onsies, sheets, bedding, etc... all in the name of baby GIRL!!
DID get a snese of ACCOMPLISHMENT with this purchase today! After great debate and my FIRST INFANT CAR SEAT has expired...did you know they EXPIRED- yup after 6 years from manafactuer date... CRAZY???

Anyway...This is how she will STYLE and SAFETY!

Much to do!! Making a promise to myself... POST AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK...starting with BIRTHDAY update!

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Mighty M said...

Those are super cute! So nice to get an update from you - can't wait to hear more!! :)

adrienne said...

That's the seat my littlest is riding in. I got to review it last year ( I love the additional head supports.

Make sure you save the small baby foam insert (it looks a lot like packing material). You'll need to use it until babycakes reaches 12 pounds. It goes under the seat cover when installed. If putting it in gives you any trouble, give me a call/email.

steph said...

Love it:) I'm so excited for you! Having a baby girl is the best ever! I like your promise of posting twice a week. I was thinking I need to post every day!