Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Woah...Wait a Minute!

I can't believe that it's been a "month" since my last post. Totally skipped over February! There was good reason...lots going on from traveling to the SUPER BOWL in Dallas Tx, to Jackson turning 5, getting the boys room painted and starting on "baby girl's" room, a quick trip to Nashville for Juiceplus...and ALL the other daily joys of motherhood!
All is well... the super bowl was great fun and a check off our bucket list! The half time show was the BEST...loving the BLACK-EYED-PEAS and 1000 dancers on the field!

Jackson turning five was FANTASTIC! He's really growing up into a "big boy" as his attitude and behavior are becoming more caring everyday. His manners and understanding of the outside world are really wonderful to see transpire... his latest comment to me "YES your MAJESTY!". Too funny! He also is "getting the connection" at his Sunday school class and this brings great JOY to my heart!


Things are going well with the pregnancy and I'm staying active by teaching my 3 aerobics classes per week and making sure to get 2 additional cardio sessions in! My GOAL is to teach my last class less than 24 hours before my Csection! No problem...just taking 1 day at a time!

Dane is growing up fast...he turns 3 this week and has successfully been in "BIG BOY UNDIES" for several weeks! The last few days have even been "poop on potty" successes! How wonderful it will be to enjoy NO ONE in diapers or pull-ups...even for just a few months!

Promise to do better with posting!

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