Monday, March 9, 2009

Birthday Boy wasn't the "Dream" 1st birthday celebration I had in mind for Mr. Blue eyes...but at least he liked the cake.
Unfortunately, I had to cancel his party on Saturday morning because both of us got sick Friday night. I'm talking the two P's....yes you know...the P's that come out of both the top and bottom. We both were VERY ILL that night...and of course it always happens at night. Don't know WHERE it came from or WHAT "IT" was but Saturday morning we were both fine. I just COULDN'T risk having everyone over and potentially catching the "bug" from us. So... despite me REALLY WANTING to have his party... I didn't!
We waited til Sunday to bring out the enjoy the pictures!

Hope you have a GREAT week.
Get those work-outs IN!!!

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Mighty M said...

Very cute cakes! I am glad you are feeling better!!

Andrea said...

Oh my! First of all...he's one!? When did that happen? Second, his cake is so adorable. Love it! I'll see you Friday...