Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mom's NIGHT out!

Here are a few of us from the Mommy and Me class tonight! We try to give ourselves a break and take a much needed "girl time" evening. We went to a local pizza place and enjoyed the food. Great time to fellowship outside of class and build those life-long connections!


My dessert at Lorenzo's. Several of us continued our evening and went out for dessert. The usual for me is CHOCOLATE, but I went for the strawberry cake...their speciality!

Don't worry... I taught Bodypump this morning...and I'll be sure to take care of the ladies in the morning. Lots of calories to BURN! All in moderation.
What about you? Any good workouts lately?? What about girl time??

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Mighty M said...

Such fun - the cake looks great. I actually exercised every weekday morning on our vacation. The gym was really nice and I would always wake up so early anyways. It's this week that has been trouble! ;-)

Stephanie Duncan said...

Yes! I finally made it to Bodypump! It was challenging, but I loved every minute of it. Hope to be there again on Saturday. Hope all is well with you.